Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Valdai Discussion Club
Embassy of the Russian Federation in Tanzania
Russian House in Dar es Salaam
Russia – Africa: A strategy for cooperation in a multipolar world
The 2nd African Conference of the Valdai Discussion Club
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Hamid Karzai
Former President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (2004-2014).
Wang Xuemei
Doctoral student at the University of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Vyacheslav Dmitriev
Employee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Applicant Candidate of Economics, MGIMO MFA of Russia
Artem Dankov
Candidate of Historical Sciences,  Research Fellow at the MGIMO University, Associate Professor at Tomsk State University
Pavel Kalmychek
Director of the Department for Bipartite Cooperation Development, Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Irina Prokofyeva
Associate Professor at the Department of Indo-Iranian and African Languages, MGIMO University
Damir Khairetdinov
Rector of Moscow Islamic University
Alexei Konovalov
Head of the World Ocean Center at the State Research Institution “Council for the Study of the Productive Forces” (SOPS), Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation and Russian Academy of Sciences, and the Section for Public–Private Partnership Issues at the Science-Expert Council of the Government’s Marine Board, Candidate of Sciences
Junmei Liu
Deputy Director of the Center for the Study of Emerging Market Economies at Fudan University
Roderick Macfarquhar
Associate Professor of Political Science at Yale University, member of the Working Group of U.S.–Russia Relations