Economic Statecraft
US Technology Policy Amid Rivalry With China
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Today, a new technological paradigm is emerging, shaped by artifi cial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things, robotics, cloud technology, supercomputing systems, and various advanced forms of technology capable of automating numerous processes,  boosting productivity, and creating fundamentally new products. 

Similar to past industrial revolutions that introduced labour saving appliances and widespread use of electric power and IT, the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) is poised to exert a profound influence on various social processes. The leader in this technological revolution will wield significant influence in global politics and the economy.

Not too long ago, a new industrial and innovation-driven powerhouse emerged on the technological map of the world. Now, China has started to challenge the technological dominance of the United States and is determined to vie for leadership in the technological race. Throughout history, each industrial revolution unfolded amid serious political tensions between competing entities, and Industry 4.0 is no exception. 

Despite the unprecedented interdependence and interconnectedness of the world, the latest twist in the technological revolution has witnessed a decoupling between the United States and China. This separation is adversely affecting the entire global technological network that has been painstakingly built over the past several decades.