Valdai – New Generation
Valdai – New Generation is a community of young leaders who try to find solutions to the most pressing problems of international politics and the world economy. It serves as the talent pool for our think tank’s academic, publishing, and conference activities.
Valdai Club Report
Charting the 2040: Younger Generation Insight on the World in the Making

Our goals

Creating a global community of young scholars who are aware of their responsibility for the future and ready to contribute to comprehending the ways the world will develop tomorrow.
Championing Valdai’s standards of excellence, which are grounded in academic culture and openness.
Looking for new answers to the key questions on the international agenda, transforming them into an intellectual product which reflects the young researchers’ perspective.

You can participate

  • if you are a young scholar who is eager to consider all points of view,
  • if you are aged 23 to 35
  • if you have publications in reputable scientific journals,
  • if you have or pursue higher education / PhD degree,
  • if you fluently communicate and write in English,
  • if you follow the Valdai Club’s work.

What you get

The Valdai Club participant’s status
The ability to take part in one of the Valdai Club’s flagship annual conferences

I wish to join!

Collection of applications for 2024 is completed.