Konstantin Asmolov

Russian Federation

Leading Research Fellow at the Korean Studies Center, RAS Institute for Far Eastern Studies.


Why the Projected Kim-Trump Summit Is Not Yet a Breakthrough
In the light of rumors about the US-North Korean summit, many experts decided that it’s time to uncork champagne. However, it’s too early not only to open champagne, but to go to the refrigerator to
The Post-Olympic Thaw on the Korean Peninsula
Hopefully, the Olympic thaw will last for some time to come, and the Moon administration will make some efforts to prolong it. In the mid-term, however, it must be clear that the moment South Korea
The Pre-Olympic Thaw Comes As Good News, but What Next for the Two Koreas?
From a tactical point of view Kim Jong-un got a plus for his reputation, and for supporters of the idea of an unpredictable regime refusing to dialogue it could be more difficult to find arguments.
What Russia Can Do Towards Settling the Korean Crisis
Russia should continue doing what it has been doing, that is, rejecting North Korea’s nuclear ambitions as potentially destructive for the security architecture, insisting on a political and
North Korea: Is "War by Error" Possible?
Quite recently, the present writer offered theoretical remarks on the likelihood of a military conflict on the Korean Peninsula[1], noting that the probability of this has increased considerably this
How to End the Korean Peninsula Crisis: Political Uncertainty and Faltering…
North Korea's intercontinental ballistic missile test seemed like a red line to many, but it should be understood that North Korea needs a nuclear-tipped ballistic missile not in order to behave
North Korea with Missiles Is Not a Whipping Boy
North Korea's actions look more like a strategical deterrence than the aggressive course that its enemies try to attribute to Pyongyang, masking by the tittle-tattle about the North Korean threat