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Expert Discussion "International Challenges-2017. Forecast of Threats to…
On January 25, 2017, the Valdai Discussion Club held an expert discussion about the international challenges of 2017 together with the presentation of the report titled "International
Presentation of the Valdai Club Report "Donald Trump: A Professional…
On January 18, the Valdai Discussion Club held an expert discussion titled “Donald Trump: Professional profile of the new president of the United States,” dedicated to a presentation of a Valdai Club
Panel Discussion “The State in the Middle of the 21st Century : What are the…
The Valdai Discussion Club and the Russian Public Opinion Research Center have launched a joint project entitled "Russia: Readiness for the Future (The Future Preparedness Index.)".
Valdai Club Presents Report "A New Stage of the Afghan Crisis and…
The security situation in Afghanistan is worsening each year despite considerable efforts by the international community. The United States and a number of its allies continue supporting the Kabul
Valdai Club Presents Report "Countering the Threat of the Globalization of…
The international community faces the task of developing the necessary measures to combat the threat of terrorism on a global scale.
Valdai Club Regional Conference. Press Breakfast
The Regional conference "New Institutions for Growth in Asia and Eurasia: What Mission for Russia?" became one of the first steps to enhance regional partnerships between Asia and Eurasia.
Valdai Club Regional Conference. Special Session. New Russian Technologies and…
The subject of technological cooperation and joint development of innovations plays a pivotal role in the context of Russia's turn to the East.
Valdai Club Regional Conference. Session 4. Russia’s Exports Potential and…
Strengthening the “turn to the East” requires Russia’s more active participation in the regional trade and the division of labor.
Valdai Club Regional Conference. Session 3. The Potential of Eurasian…
How does Russia view the Eurasian comprehensive partnership and what can it offer its regional partners on conceptual and project levels?
Valdai Club Regional Conference. Session 2. Toward The EAEU-ASEAN Free Trade…
The EAEU-ASEAN free trade area is an ambitious and promising initiative.
Valdai Club Regional Conference. Session 1. Order and Security in Asia and…
The preserved high pace and quality of economic growth in Asia contradict ongoing global political uncertainty. Regional territorial disputes are intense.
Valdai Discussion Club Section "Global Revolt and Global Order" in the…
Valdai Discussion Club Section "Global Revolt and Global Order" in the framework of the 10th Convention of the Russian International Studies Association (RISA).