Valdai Paper #91: Islam and Global Commons: The Gap between Principles and…
Islamic environmentalism is embedded in the matrix of Islamic teachings. The Qur’an, the central religious text of Islam, is inherently conservationist and mainly concerns the issues of how human

Nourhan ElSheikh
Valdai Paper #90. The Singapore Summit and the Failure of Donald Trump’s…
It seemed before the Singapore summit, - the meeting of the leaders of the US and North Korea, which was drawing attention of the whole international community while being prepared, that Donald

Andrei Lankov
Valdai Paper #89: US Indo-Pacific Strategy: Myths and Reality
Facing its ‘most dynamic and formidable competitor in modern history’, Washington increasingly does away with hopeful thinking and seeks new approaches towards Asia. It raised the concept of the
Valdai Paper #88: The New Global Governance: Towards a More Sustainable…
Faced with threats ranging from climate change to hugely disruptive technological advances, the world is clearly at a crossroads. More than ever a stable, inclusive and global governance is needed.
Valdai Paper #86: Great Power Competition in 21st Century
With the end of transition period, great power competition comes back to shape the international system. China and Russia have posed a challenge to the US hegemony. What is behind this challenge?

Michael Kofman
Valdai Paper #87: Trumponomics: The Erosion of Pax Americana and Slowdown of…
Globalization no longer serves American interests. In a bid to reverse the trend, the US administration took on the policy called ‘Trumponomics’, which manifests itself in protectionism.

Alexander Losev
Valdai Paper #85: Infrastructure Connectivity and Political Stability in Eurasia
The country’s geographic location largely predetermines its foreign policy, as well as the trajectory of its socioeconomic development.
Valdai Paper #84. A Pyrrhic Victory: the History of the Sanctions War Against…
The history of sanctions against Iran deserves close analysis in light of the growing sanctions pressure on Russia. Iran’s experience is meaningful if only because both countries have to contend with

Ivan Timofeev
Valdai Paper #83: De-Dollarization in the EAEU Member States: Key Trends and…
The emerging trend towards de-dollarization in the EAEU can make domestic monetary policy more efficient as well as facilitate economic integration in the Eurasian space.
Valdai Paper #82: The Belt and Road Initiative and Its Impact on Europe
The Belt and Road Initiative, originally aimed at domestic economic development, has turned into an umbrella bringing together China’s ambitious projects to shape a new order in Eurasia, which
Valdai Paper #81: The Russian Revolution of 1917: History, Memory, and Politics
In 100 years since the Revolution of 1917, it continues to have impact on the Russian society. Divergent assessments of the Revolution and different approaches to its commemoration have been

Alexei Miller
Valdai Paper #80: The Global Resurgence of Economic Nationalism
Against a background of shifting geoeconomic power from the West to the East, economic nationalism has become the development strategy that allows rising powers to reverse negative asymmetry in

Glenn Diesen


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