Valdai Paper #59: Anti-Elite Protests and the Future Of Democracy
The article reveals causes of the social protest and the emergence of qualitatively new components in relationship between the elite and society.

Richard Lachmann
Valdai Paper Special Issue. World Order: Quo Vadis? In Search of a Global…
Donald Trump's victory hit the very foundations of the US-dominated foreign policy consensus since the 1940s, and put into question the most important foundations of the world order à la America.

Dmitry Suslov
Valdai Paper Special Issue: What If… the Soviet Union Had Not Collapsed?
At the 13th Annual Meeting the Valdai Discussion Club holds a special session titled "What If… the Soviet Union Had Not Collapsed?" The Centenary of the October Revolution is approaching.

Oleg Barabanov
Valdai Paper #58: Prospects for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment…
The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is by far the most ambitious project in the field of contractual formats of regional economic cooperation, combining traditional

Sergey Afontsev
Valdai Paper #57: Power-Sharing in Europe: Models for the Ukraine?
At St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in June 2016, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi reiterated his government’s firm belief that the Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol model of conflict
Valdai Paper #56: Nuclear Weapons in the Cyber Age: New Challenges for Security,…
The safe, secure and reliable management of nuclear weapons has always been a complex and complicated business, plagued by uncertainty and risks.

Andrew Futter
Valdai Paper #55: Labour Migration from Central Asia to Russia in the Context of…
The migration corridor that has formed between the countries of Central Asia and Russia is one of the largest and most stable in Eurasia and the world. It consists primarily of labour migrants.
Valdai Paper #54: The EU's Crises and its Future
Historically, the EU has two leadership models. The first is the leadership of the European Commission. The second is the French-German duumvirate. Today, neither of them is functioning, and the EU is

Tatiana Romanova
Valdai Paper #53: Global Energy and the Political Dynamics in the Middle East
Crude oil returns as the key commodity on the global oil markets and, therefore, a closer look is needed to establish what the main challenges and opportunities are.
Valdai Paper #52: Winter and Spring Together, Geocultural Signs of Renewal…
The terrorist act in Nice, on top of this, has revealed serious political constraints of the work of intelligence agencies.
Valdai Paper #51: US Policy And Globalization: Before And After the Global…
How has decay of the American Empire affected globalization? Does the apparent fragmentation of older, Bretton Woods era, more universal forms of global governance into more regional forms imply US
Valdai Paper #50: Russia and China in Central Asia: The Great Win-Win Game
The SCO summit in Tashkent and Russian President's visit to China which took place in June have provided a good occasion to discuss the need for strengthening multilateral cooperation and ensuring