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Report: Donald Trump: A Professional Profile of the New U.S. President
The United States is entering a new stage in its development. Although the U.S. remains the leading world power, recent events indicate that it is not immune to instability and change. More
Report: Brexit, the City, and the Crisis of Conservatism
Thanks to the role of money and entrenched class power in electoral processes, the history of liberal democracy is not exactly littered with instances of the people springing nasty surprises on the
Report: Chinese Perspective on the Creation of a Eurasian Economic Space
This report aims to illuminate fully the Chinese approach to a comprehensive Eurasian partnership. It will also present what Chinese scholars view as the goals, objectives, and areas of cooperation
Report: International Implications of the Brexit Referendum
The results of the United Kingdom European Union membership referendum became one of the least predictable international developments of the year 2016, along with the coup attempt in Turkey, Donald
Report: Countering the Threat of the Globalization of Middle Eastern Terrorism.…
Terror began spreading internationally in the late 1960s and early 1970s through the actions of secular ideological and separatist terrorist organizations. In the late 1980s, many radical Islamist
Report: Russia, China, and USA in Central Asia: A Balance Of Interests And…
The extent and potential for confrontation between the major powers is significantly lower in Central Asia than in the Asia-Pacific region (APR), Eastern Europe or the Middle East. The
Report: Middle East Instability and the Decline of the Westphalian System 
The events in the Middle East put a number of questions regarding the existing political system of the world.
Report: The Middle East in a Time of Troubles: Traumas of the Past and…
The Middle East today epitomizes major global trends: international processes becoming more ungovernable, the resurgence of power as a factor in international relations, the greater role played by
Report: A New Stage of the Afghan Crisis and Tajikistan’s Security
The general situation in Afghanistan has been deteriorating during the last few years. The year 2015 saw several record low points at once.
Report: Toward the Great Ocean: Turn to the East. Preliminary Results and New…
Russia’s entire history is in its geography and no matter how huge its territory, it is still a kind of an “inbetween” space.
Report: Crucial Players or Insufficient Powers? The USA, Russia and the EU in…
The Valdai Club report's purpose is to expose interests of the three players in the Middle East as well as alteration in their strategies in the rapidly changing regional landscape.
Report: Russia and the European Union: Three Questions Concerning New Principles…
New principles, the current state of affairs, and what Russia wants from Europe are all topics of the Valdai Club’s newest report.