Vladimir Putin Meets with Members of the Valdai Discussion Club. Transcript of…
Vladimir Putin took part in the final session of the Valdai Discussion Club’s 14th Annual Meeting, which this year took the theme The World of the Future: Moving Through Conflict to Cooperation.
Stability in the Middle East: Common Interests of Russia and the United States
The potential for interaction between Russia and the United States in the Middle East was the topic of an expert discussion, which was held on December 15, 2017, at the Valdai Discussion Club.
The Far East: A Springboard for Cooperation Between Russia and the Asia-Pacific…
The new strategic priorities of Russia's policy in Asia and the ways of developing economic ties in the region were discussed at the session of the Valdai Club titled "Turning Russia to the
"Working with All Parties": How Russia Contributes to the Intra-Libyan…
On December 13, 2017, the Valdai Discussion Club held a panel discussion with the participation of Libyan Foreign Minister Mohamed Taher Siala and head of the Russian contact group on the intra-Libyan
Settlement That Never Took Place: Why the Russia-West Crisis Is Rooted in the…
The crisis in the Russia-West relations over Ukraine, which began in late 2013, became the climax of contradictions between the two sides, which have piled up since the end of the Cold War. The root
Cybersovereignty Will Become a Prerequisite for the Creation of a Global…
Cybersecurity has become a central issue for governments and business corporations. Very often, this topic arises during the election period in various countries, and Russia acts as a headliner. The
Russia’s Far East and Asia-Pacific: Problems and Prospects
Development of Russia’s Far Eastern regions in the context of the nation’s “turn to the East” and its expanding cooperation with Asia-Pacific were discussed at the 4th session of the annual Asian
Asian Energy Markets over a 20-Year Period and Regional Cooperation Prospects
The ability to connect energy markets in Asia will determine the future of the region’s energy sector in the next twenty years, say participants of the third session of the eighth Asian conference of
Valdai Club Asian Conference Focuses on Economic Cooperation and Security
At the press conference held after the first session of the Valdai Club’s eighth Asian regional conference in Seoul, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov spoke about details of the Russian
Will Asia Remain the Workshop of the World?
The second session of the eighth Asian regional conference of the Valdai Discussion Club, organized in partnership with the Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP), was
Era of Asia: What Co-Creation in Eurasia Can Look Like
On November 27, 2017, the eighth Asian regional conference of the Valdai Discussion Club, organized in partnership with the Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP), kicked off
Strategic Frivolity and Free-Wheeling Cabaret: What Does The Future Hold for…
On October 20, the Valdai Club held a session titled Birth of the New World: Conflicts and Responsibility as part of the 2017 World Festival of Youth and Students.