Condition of the Russian Consumer: Recovery on the Horizon?
Participants in the Valdai Club economic seminar held in Moscow on Monday believe that although inflation rate in Russia is record low, the prospects for a recovery in Russia’s household consumption
Speech at a meeting with alumni and students of the Hamilton College, dedicated…
On April 20, at 18-30 Dmitry Suslov, the Valdai Discussion Club Programme Director, is making a speech  in Washington at a meeting with alumni and students of the Hamilton College, dedicated
Signing of Cooperation Agreement between the Foundation for Development and…
On April 18, 2017, the Foundation for Development and Support of the Valdai Discussion Club and the Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia signed the cooperation agreement. In particular, the parties
Turkey After Referendum: Rejection of the European Path and New Risks
According to Russian participants in the expert discussion at the Valdai Discussion Club on the referendum results in Turkey, strengthening of authoritarian tendencies, pressure on opposition
Syrian Legislators Speak in Favor of Political Solution and Trade With ‘Real…
In an interview with following the meeting with Syrian Parliament Chairwoman Hadiya Abbas as part of an expert discussion titled “Syria: Results of the Fight Against Terrorism and
Being a Leader on the 21st Century Global Education Market
Every national education system that ensures the country's competitiveness on the international arena of the 21st century must find its niche in the global educational process and aim to form
Syrian Parliament Chairperson: We Want to Defeat Terrorism, Which Is Waging War…
Hadiya Abbas, Speaker of the People's Council of Syria, made harsh statements against the US during the expert discussion, which was held at the Valdai Discussion Club on April 12, 2017.
Economic Cooperation as Essential Constituent of Comprehensive Sino-Russian…
The final session of the conference, titled “China and Russia: Facing Challenges of Global Shifts,” held on April 4-5 by the Valdai Discussion Club in cooperation with the Center for Russian Studies
Energy Market Dynamics: Conclusions for Russia and China
The fifth session of the Russian-Chinese conference, titled "Energy market dynamics: conclusions for Russia and China", was devoted to the problems of energy cooperation between Russia and
Situational Dynamics in the “Shared Neighborhood” Countries around Russia and…
The situation in Central Asia and areas of cooperation between Russia and China in that region were main topics of discussion at the 4th session, titled "The situational dynamics in the “shared
Cybersecurity and the Cybersphere
Is it possible to overcome jointly the challenges to cybersecurity? This question was answered during the third session of the conference, titled  "China and Russia: Facing Challenges
Potential for Relations in the China-Russia-US Triangle
During the second session of the Russian-Chinese conference the participants discussed the potential of tripartite relations between Russia, China and the United States. Given the important role that