Vladimir Putin Meets with Members of the Valdai Discussion Club. Transcript of…
Vladimir Putin took part in the final session of the Valdai Discussion Club’s 14th Annual Meeting, which this year took the theme The World of the Future: Moving Through Conflict to Cooperation.
Strategic Frivolity and Free-Wheeling Cabaret: What Does The Future Hold for…
On October 20, the Valdai Club held a session titled Birth of the New World: Conflicts and Responsibility as part of the 2017 World Festival of Youth and Students.
Logic of Transformation vs. Logic of Expansion: What Awaits the World Order?
On November 17, 2017, the Valdai Discussion Club hosted an expert discussion titled “Clash of New World Orders: Path to Confrontation” coupled with the presentation of the book “Russia Against the
Economic Cooperation Between Russia, India and China: New Opportunities
On November 16, 2017, the Valdai Discussion Club together with the World Bank held an expert discussion on the impact of structural changes in the economies of China and India on the Russian economy.
How Geography Is ‘Taking Revenge’ on Eurasian Integration
On November 9, 2017, the Valdai Discussion Club held an expert discussion and presentation of the report titled “The Geography of the Eurasian Economic Union: From Challenges to Opportunities.” The
Valdai Club Brings the Russian Perspective to the Middle East
On November 13, Chairman of the Board of the Foundation for Development and Support of the Valdai Discussion Club Professor Andrey Bystritskiy took part in the session “Russia: Old Lenses for a New
Looking Beyond the Horizon. Vladimir Putin Meets with Participants of the Valdai…
The most expected event of the last day of the XIV Annual meeting of the Valdai Club was undoubtedly the meeting with the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. The traditional session
Session 5. The Conflict Between Progress and Humanism
On October 19, the fifth session of the 14th Annual meeting of the Valdai Discussion Club was held, dedicated to the conflict between progress and humanism. The relevance of this topic is tied to the
The Importance to Be Prepared for the Future. Day 3
Is it possible to look into the future and be ready for it? Who will be the winner from the eternal confrontation man and nature? How will the globalization process end? On October 18, 2017, the
Special Session. Future Preparedness Index
On October 18, 2014, within the framework of the 14th Annual meeting of the Valdai Discussion Club, a special session was held, devoted to the results of the Future Preparedness Index,
Session 4. The Conflict Between Universalism and Self-Identity
The fourth session of the Annual Meeting of the Valdai Discussion Club was devoted to the issues of universalism and self-identity. Participants discussed the processes of globalization that began
Session 3. The Conflict Between Man and Nature
On October 18, the Programme of the 14th Annual meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club began with the third session, titled "The Conflict between Man and Nature". The experts