Mogerini's Adviser: Pragmatism Becomes the Basis of EU Foreign Policy
Despite the contradictions between the EU member states, they become aware that they would eventually get more from joint actions than from satisfying one hundred percent of their desires, said
Kazakhstan - Russia - China Triangle: Philosophy and Geometry
Problems of Eurasian integration, regional and international security, as well as the uneasy relations in the Kazakhstan-Russia-China triangle were discussed by Kazakh and Russian experts during the
"Reshaping Eurasian Space: Common Perspectives from China, Russia and…
On May 16, Beijing hosted the Russian-Chinese analytical seminar "China-Russia Cooperation and the Future of the One Belt, One Road Initiative." The seminar was organized by Chongyang
The 2nd Annual Annual "Belt and Road" International Think Tank Forum…
On May 13th Yaroslav Lissovolik, Programme Director of the Foundation for  Development and Support of the Valdai Discussion Club attended the 2nd Annual Belt and Road Forum as well as the
Less Hypocrisy, More Realism: How Russia and the EU Should Build Relations at a…
The crisis in relations between Russia and the EU allowed both sides to formulate their interests more clearly and conduct a more open dialogue, moving away from the hypocrisy of the previous era.
OSCE Secretary General: Rediscovering the Nature of Dialogue Is the Key to Solve…
According to Lamberto Zannier, Russia feels the danger from NATO and the more it reacts, the more fears arise from, for example, the Baltic states. First of all, it is necessary to stop this vicious
Russia-US Relations: Crisis As a Norm
The common interests of Russia and the US are reduced to maintaining strategic stability and countering external threats. We have returned to a situation of mutual deterrence and the task of
Condition of the Russian Consumer: Recovery on the Horizon?
Participants in the Valdai Club economic seminar held in Moscow on Monday believe that although inflation rate in Russia is record low, the prospects for a recovery in Russia’s household consumption
Conflict-Prone: The Norm for Russian-US relations?
Conflict-prone is a characterization that readily comes to mind to describe relations between Russia and the United States. The controversy arises from the two countries’ varying assessments of the
Speech at a meeting with alumni and students of the Hamilton College, dedicated…
On April 20, at 18-30 Dmitry Suslov, the Valdai Discussion Club Programme Director, is making a speech  in Washington at a meeting with alumni and students of the Hamilton College, dedicated
“Trouble Ahead”: Russia-US Relations under the Trump Administration
Domestic political developments in the United States, including the outcome of congressional and FBI investigations against Donald Trump, will be the main factor shaping US foreign policy. And this
Signing of Cooperation Agreement between the Foundation for Development and…
On April 18, 2017, the Foundation for Development and Support of the Valdai Discussion Club and the Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia signed the cooperation agreement. In particular, the parties