Russian diplomat warns 'apocalyptic scenario' on Korean Peninsula possible
An apocalyptic scenario of developments on the Korean Peninsula is possible, but Russia hopes that a common sense would prevail among the involved parties, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Igor
Asia Conference of Valdai Club Set to Start in South Korea’s Seoul
The eighth annual Asian Conference of the Valdai international discussion club is set to open on Monday in the South Korean capital of Seoul bringing together over 30 experts from various countries.
Here is What I Saw at the Valdai Club Conference
The conference contained no important developments or revelations, but it did raise some very interesting questions. One of those questions centered around the quality of leadership in Western
Valdai 2017: Reactions from a newbie
I had not realized just how little of the conference would be on Russia. The theme was “Creative Destruction: Will a New World Order Emerge from the Current Conflicts?” The individual panels within
Russia wants it both ways on chemical weapons
RUSSIA HAS destroyed all of its Cold War chemical weapons stocks, President Vladi­mir Putin boasted Oct. 19 when he appeared before the Valdai forum in Sochi. He said Russia had “made a significant
At Valdai Putin Treats Trump Respectfully
Last week’s fourteenth annual Valdai Club meeting in Sochi had the ambitious title “The World of the Future: Moving Through Conflict to Cooperation.” During its first few years, the Valdai Discussion
Putin at Valdai: A Deep Dive Into Long-Standing Grievances
During his October 19 appearance at the Valdai Club, Russian President Vladimir Putin focused on the past to a disconcerting degree, reiterating Russia’s long-standing complaints about the US and
Drei Stunden diskutieren mit Putin
Die Ukraine-Krise, Russlands Beziehungen zu China und den USA: Auf einer Konferenz in Sotschi gibt Wladimir Putin ungewohnt ausführliche Einblicke in seine Weltsicht.
Russia-China Tandem Changes the World
Just what this means was brought into perspective last week by a rare moment of erudition regarding Russia when professor emeritus of the London School of Economics Dominic Lieven delivered a lecture
Russia to enhance cooperation with Kingdom: Putin
Russia plans to expand cooperation with Saudi Arabia, President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting of the Valdai Discussion Club on Thursday. According to Putin, Moscow and Riyadh have no ideological
Putin calls on Americans to respect Trump
Russian President Vladimir Putin called on Americans to show more respect for their president in response to a question posed to him at the Valdai International Discussion Club in Sochi, Russia, on
Russian President Vladimir Putin launched one of his most stinging critiques of…
Russian President Vladimir Putin launched one of his most stinging critiques of US foreign policy on Thursday, listing what he called some of the biggest betrayals in US-Russia relations.