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How Vladimir Putin's political judo floored his opponents
Putin has tried to leverage US democracy against itself, criticizing the Electoral College system of deciding elections. "There is no true democracy there," he said at the Valdai Discussion
François Fillon and the danger of dancing with the Russian bear
Mr Fillon not only denounced a prospective American-French bombing operation but he did so from Russia, where he was with Mr Putin at the gathering of the Valdai club of senior officials and
Vladimir Putin Is Winning the French Election
Sarkozy's one-time prime minister cannot be accused of being a "Manchurian candidate" or of being on Putin's payroll. The pro-business French right has plenty of money of its own.
Trump could bring Russia in from the cold
The prominent, if spectral, role played by Russia was one of the stranger aspects of this already strange US election. And these comments were alarmist, if logical, extensions of the claims made by
Russia’s dissenters choose passive resistance
Russia sees itself as part of a threesome that determines the fate of the world. That message was both subtly and bluntly put at the annual Valdai Club gathering last week in the Black Sea resort of
Vladimir Putin rejects 'hysterical' claims of Russian attempts to influence US…
The President was speaking to international Russian specialists at the closing session of the annual Valdai Club meeting, which has been held in recent years at the Winter Olympics resort of Krasnaya
New Cold War Chills Annual Kremlin Gathering of Foreign Experts
The new Cold War is starting to look a lot like the old one, and Russian and U.S. foreign-policy experts at an annual gathering with Kremlin officials this week appear out of ideas on how to even
Is there value in Valdai?
Valdai matters because it is the highest-profile Russian equivalent to Davos (minus the corporate presence). What Vladimir Putin or Sergei Lavrov or Alexei Kudrin says here is worth observing.
Russia: Turning Unpredictability into a Strategic Virtue
It is strategically important for the Kremlin to keep everyone guessing whether Russia will strike again and, if yes, where exactly. If this kind of projection is meant to compensate for military
International intellectual elites in Shanghai discuss Sino-Russian relations
This year marks the 20th anniversary of the strategic partnership between China and Russia. It is also the 15th anniversary of the Treaty of Good Neighborliness and Friendly Cooperation signed between
Building solid ties on land
Several leading public intellectuals and scholars in Russia and China will converge in Shanghai for a two-day conference on “Cooperation Between China and Russia: The Process and Prospects”.
How Cyberspace Is at the Leading Edge of Global Change
What is needed includes deep structural adjustments and shifts in the relative power of the individual and collective, and in the intermediating roles of institutions and organizations of all types,