The Russian World, Post-Truth, and Europe
There is also the Valdai Club, which is not a European-based think-tank, but has as one of its chief roles to intensely develop contacts with Western scholars who the Kremlin thinks may have some
A Sino-Russian Military-Political Alliance Would Be Bad News for America
Yevgeny Buzhinsky openly called for “truly allied relations ” between Russia and China, while many Russian participants of an April 2017 meeting of Russian and Chinese experts under the aegis of the
Making the most of a post-Western world
Those who cling to the discourse on Western civilization need to decide whether the post-Western world will be shaped with partners like Turkey or by policies that will cause a more isolated
We need to talk to Putin, and here's how
Donald Trump has gone to the opposite extreme, heaping praise on Putin: "He has been a leader far more than our president [Obama] has been... I think he's done really a great job of
Bringing Belarus back into line?
As Andrey Sushentsov, Program Director at the Valdai Club and head of the Moscow-based Foreign Policy Advisory Group, said on March 25th: “The Belarus government’s clash with protesters with a
Esperto, membri Nato e amici Mosca e' possibile
L'Italia come possibile mediatore tra la Russia e l'Unione europea in un momento geopolitica delicato, ma anche un esempio di come sia possibile rimanere membro della Nato e dell'Ue e
Expectations of a new U.S.-Russia relationship were tanking even before missile…
“Now, this is about what kind of measures the two sides can take in order to prevent a hot U.S.-Russian war and an outright use of force against each other in Syria,” said Dmitry Suslov, a program
FM Nalbandian meets Valdai analysts and experts
Armenia’s foreign minister Edward Nalbandian had a business lunch on March 11 with a group of renowned members of the Valdai international discussion club
Armenian troops forced to retaliate on contact line with Azerbaijan: minister
“Armenia has been involved in the process of ensuring the Artsakh people’s security for around 29 years now,” Sargsyan said at a session of Valdai Discussion Club in Yerevan.
Diplomats warn of Russia hysteria
Andrey Sushentsov, the head of the Moscow-based Foreign Policy Advisory Group and a program director at the Valdai Club there, says the damage has already been done.
Building a better tomorrow for the Middle East
Prominent experts and high-level officials from Russia and all around the world have been trying to find the answer to the question: “The Middle East: When will tomorrow come?” Russia’s annual Valdai
Cooperation in Syria discussed between Russian diplomat and US expert
The prospects for US-Russian cooperation in Syria was discussed by Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov and the chairman of Stand Up America non-profit organization, Paul Vallely, on