America's Unpredictability Is Worrying Russia
Russia’s ability to influence the debate in Washington, let alone reset a damaged relationship, has vanished, according to current and former policy makers at the annual Valdai Club conference in
Moscow welcomes Libya’s fighting factions
Maiteeq came to Russia upon the invitation of Chechen Republic leader Ramzan Kadyrov, whose interest in Libya has recently been vocal and open. Maiteeq began his Russia visit in Chechnya’s capital,
Spotlight: War of sanctions looms as Moscow retaliates against Washington
The bill will also grant the U.S. Congress the power to block President Donald Trump from unilaterally lifting sanctions on Russia. The bill will now be sent to the White House for Trump to sign into
E.U. Is Uneasy, and Divided, About U.S. Sanctions on Russia
“The sanctions bill leaves no space for compromises and cements America’s hostile policy toward Moscow for decades ahead,” Ivan Timofeev, program director of the Valdai discussion club, a Kremlin
Compounds’ fate raised after Trump-Putin talk
Andrey Sushentsov, the program director for the Valdai Club, wrote in an email that Ryabkov’s statement following the meeting suggests that Russia is no closer to getting the compounds back.
The Russian World, Post-Truth, and Europe
There is also the Valdai Club, which is not a European-based think-tank, but has as one of its chief roles to intensely develop contacts with Western scholars who the Kremlin thinks may have some
A Sino-Russian Military-Political Alliance Would Be Bad News for America
Yevgeny Buzhinsky openly called for “truly allied relations ” between Russia and China, while many Russian participants of an April 2017 meeting of Russian and Chinese experts under the aegis of the
Making the most of a post-Western world
Those who cling to the discourse on Western civilization need to decide whether the post-Western world will be shaped with partners like Turkey or by policies that will cause a more isolated
We need to talk to Putin, and here's how
Donald Trump has gone to the opposite extreme, heaping praise on Putin: "He has been a leader far more than our president [Obama] has been... I think he's done really a great job of
Bringing Belarus back into line?
As Andrey Sushentsov, Program Director at the Valdai Club and head of the Moscow-based Foreign Policy Advisory Group, said on March 25th: “The Belarus government’s clash with protesters with a
Esperto, membri Nato e amici Mosca e' possibile
L'Italia come possibile mediatore tra la Russia e l'Unione europea in un momento geopolitica delicato, ma anche un esempio di come sia possibile rimanere membro della Nato e dell'Ue e
Expectations of a new U.S.-Russia relationship were tanking even before missile…
“Now, this is about what kind of measures the two sides can take in order to prevent a hot U.S.-Russian war and an outright use of force against each other in Syria,” said Dmitry Suslov, a program