Japan-Russia: Joint Economic Activity Can Weaken the Territorial Dispute
On April 27, 2017, Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe arrived in Moscow. The main topic of the talks with the Russian President Vladimir Putin is the joint economic activity in the southern Kuril
Key International Security Issues As Seen by Valdai Club Experts
The VI Conference on International Security (MCIS-2017) opens in Moscow on April 26, 2017. In interviews with www.valdaiclub.com Valdai Club experts shared their views on a number of issues
Problems and Prospects for China-Russia Inter-Regional Cooperation
A crucial component of China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership, regional cooperation is a focal point for both countries and receives the necessary support both at the top level and from the

Wan Qingsong
Four Results of the First Round of France’s Presidential Election
The first round of France’s 2017 presidential election, which took place on Sunday, ended with the victory of the “En Marche!” movement leader Emmanuel Macron and the National Front chairperson Marine

Jacques Sapir
Global Revolt Against Elites. Results of the First Round of Elections in France
The fact that representatives of the mainstream political parties failed to enter the second round of the presidential elections in France, is a manifestation of the global revolt against the elites.

Yuri Rubinsky
American Russophobia and the Crisis of Liberal West
The new American Russophobia is a reflection of a crisis experienced by the liberal West. The roots of this crisis are in promotion of the unsustainable hegemonic narrative of market democracy’s

Andrei Tsygankov
Unpredictability Reigns in France Ahead of Presidential Elections
This year’s election campaign differs greatly from the previous ones. First, the campaign demonstrates the deep disillusionment of the French in the two main political forces, which have succeeded

Tatyana Zvereva
The Light and Dark Sides of the Trump Administration
In the early days of the Trump presidency, there were mixed but nevertheless balanced predictions in Russia regarding the foreign policy of the new administration. The statements coming from the White

Dmitry Suslov
Global Recovery: Not Much Ground for Optimism
The question many observers will ask, is whether the current state of the world economy really merits even cautious optimism let alone buoyancy. Not only have the structural problems of the world
Can the World Win the Battle against Terrorism?
We witness the spread of extremist teachers along our schools allowing them to instill their aggressive values to young generation who are soon will lead the state and society. In a country like
A Turning Point for the Korean Peninsula
The US is unable to prevent crumbling North Korea from inflicting unacceptable damage on South Korea and Japan, America’s closest allies. The US has yet to find a way to fight mobile

Vasily Kashin
The End of Institutions and the Era of “Small Deals”?
World politics is radically transforming before our very eyes. Formerly a relatively well-ordered system of interstate relations and institutions, it is turning into a somewhat chaotic set of sporadic