Europe’s Decline and Uncertain Future: What Should Russia Do?
Russia should not be in a hurry to meddle in European affairs, especially given that interference of this kind has a poor track record. Despite the hostile actions by the EU and some of its member
Short-Circuiting Globalization
Globalization has reached a stage, where in order to overcome reversals and the “new normal” of lower global growth rates, it has to become more inclusive and realistic with respect to the balance of
Why Trump Believes the US Intel Report on ‘Russian Hacking’
If we talk about why the US cyberspace security system turned out to be so helpless, the reason is rather simple. The US electronic and digital infrastructure is too enormous, diverse and developed

Oleg Demidov
Future Preparedness Index: Identifying Trends, Shaping Perspectives
The Valdai Club and VTsIOM have launched the Future Preparedness Index project. The discussion, titled “The State in the Middle of the 21st Century: What are the Strengths?” which took place during
Future Preparedness Index: Innovative Project of the Valdai Discussion Club and…
"Future Preparedness Index" is a joint project of the Valdai Discussion Club and VTsIOM, designed not to analyze the current state of affairs but the future, and this is its uniqueness and

Valery Fyodorov
Prospects for the Trump Administration’s Policies in the Post-Soviet Space
The United States will focus on strategically located Georgia and energy-rich Azerbaijan. Washington will continue to regard Baku as the equipoise of Islamic Iran and a partner of its other important
Russia Is Not Afraid of New Challenges
Russia is not afraid of new challenges, which means that it has a chance for a better result when solving the many problems of modernity than other states, Andrey Fursenko, an assistant to the Russian

Andrey Fursenko
Central Asia: Security vs. Modernization
Security dominates the agenda in Central Asia. The region and its place in the world have always been viewed through the lens of security, given its proximity to various conflicts. Central Asia is

Yerlan Karin
Presidential Elections in France: No Chances for the Left
The most probable is the duel between Marine Le Pen and François Fillon in the second round. Today Fillon has certain advantage, but it is not guaranteed, because the rigidity of his program and its

Yuri Rubinsky
Eurasian Union and Turkey
Turkish perception of the Eurasian Union has two parts. One is pan-Turkism; the other is the Cooperation Council of Turkic Speaking States. Since Kazakhstan is a member of both the EAEU and the Turkic

Yaşar Yakış
Europe in 2016
The year 2016 turned out to be rich in political events in Europe and around it. Many of them are capable of having a long-term influence on the situation’s development and to a significant degree

Oleg Barabanov
Macro Trends 2017
A global long-term trend will be the domination of regional integration alliances over global institutions, such as the WTO. In the past few years, Russia has started to take advantage of the