Andrey Sushentsov

Russian Federation

Programme Director of the Valdai Discussion Club; Political Analyst and International Relations Scholar at MGIMO University 

He is also managing partner with the Moscow-based consulting agency Foreign Policy Advisory Group. PhD in international relations of MGIMO University. His publications include books on U.S. politics and the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq: America’s Small Wars (2014), and Essays on U.S. Politics and Regional Conflicts (2014) published in Russian, as well as articles and reports on U.S.-Russian relations and Russian policies toward Georgia and Ukraine. In his field-based research, he pays special attention to collision of U.S. and Russian interests in post-soviet space, particularly in Ukraine and in the South Caucasus. He edited a volume of Russian perspectives on international security issues titled Contours of disturbing future. Russia and the World in 2020 (2015).

Andrey Sushentsov was a visiting researcher at Georgetown University’s Center for Eurasian, Russian and East European Studies (2007) and at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (2008). He was a visiting professor at Rome LUISS University (2013) and at Armenian State University of Economics (2014). He was an EASI-Hurford fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (2015).


The India-China Rivalry and Russia’s Interests
Rivalry is not limited to Russia, China and the United States. Other great powers want to have their say in the world, including Germany, France, Japan, India, Brazil, Turkey and Iran. Although there
Combating Future Uncertainties: Goals for 2018
Combating future uncertainties is the main task when it comes to forecasting anything. Speaking about international relations, there are two key uncertainties here – the unknown motives of actors in a
The Paradoxes of Russian-US Relations
We are unlikely to see any breakthroughs or signals that relations are returning to their conventional norm. To a degree, all of us will be hostage to the domestic political situation in the US, which
Eurasia Archipelago. Prospects for a Continental Security Arrangement
A key continent, Eurasia, could become a continent of cooperation in the 21st century. The Eurasian mainland is the longest and most densely populated landmass in the world, which contains key
Zapad Wargames and Living in Uncertainty
The Russian-Belarusian Zapad (West) military exercises, which were held in the latter half of September, have disappointed many people. Comments made in the Western media before the exercises
Diplomacy as an Exact Science
It's hard not to notice that the media environment affects the minds of the foreign policy elites. For many, foreign policy is increasingly becoming not just a professional occupation, but also a
Strategic Consequences of US Anti-Russia Sanctions
Russian-US relations have again become clear, which allows us to make plans for the future, and making plans is a key condition for a cohesive foreign policy.
"Red Alert" and Risk of Miscalculation in Eastern Europe
With the Ukrainian crisis, for the first time in 25 years the NATO has been confronted with the question – what are the security guarantees for its members worth? The foremost anxiety for Brussels is
“Telamons Holding the Sky”: Russian Views On Evolving Global Balance Of Power
Major countries – “telamons” – present natural centers of world gravity. They tend to establish themselves as important stakeholders and require recognition. They also bear unique responsibility for
Valdai Paper #66: Russia’s Allies and the Geopolitical Frontier in Eurasia
The risk of Russia’s involvement in low-intensity military conflicts has been growing since the early 2000s. Instability along many stretches of the border has forced Moscow to increase its military
Sanctions and the New Economic Reality
Anew reality is emerging in Russia’s economic relations with the West. Economic interaction is growing, despite anti-Russian sanctions, and increasingly penetrates strategic fields. This is happening
Image of Russia as a New Tool in US Political Strife
The fight staged by the liberals against President Trump actually makes Russia part of the US cultural wars. Russia has become another watershed dividing the parties, just like abortion, minority


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