Andrey Sushentsov

Russian Federation

PhD in Political Sciences, program director of the Valdai Club Foundation. He is the Head of the Laboratory of International Trends Analysis of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations. Founder and head of the Foreign Policy Advisory Group. 

The main topic of his research is the US foreign policy in international conflicts. In his studies, he is focused on the spheres of conflicting interests of Russia and the United States in Europe, the Middle East and the post-Soviet space. Key publications include the monographs "America’s Small Wars" (2014), "Essays on US Policy in the Regional Conflicts of the 2000s" (2014), and the collective monograph "Russia and the World in 2020" (2015). He is the editor of the annual forecast "International Threats".

He was a visiting professor and research fellow at Georgetown University (2007), Johns Hopkins University (2008), Guido Carli Free University of International Studies (2013), Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (2015), Harvard University (2016) and Middlebury Institute for International Studies in Monterey (2017).

Member of the Russian International Studies Association, International Studies Association (USA) and member of the Working Group on the Future of Russian-American Relations.


Donald Trump as Champion of Summits. Behind the Washington Mainstream
If we look at the US president Donald Trump’s behavior during the press conference in Helsinki on July 16, 2018, the relationship between him and Vladimir Putin can be considered as stable and
Russian-American Summit: Moscow's Fears and Expectations
Russia's key problem in relations with the US is the unpredictability of the partner. This is not exclusively a Russian problem, even the US allies complain about Trump's actions. Therefore,
Royalties for Security: On the Polish Initiative of Hosting a US Military Base
On the eve of the NATO summit, to be held in Brussels in July, the Polish Ministry of Defense issued an interesting report, titled “Proposal for a U.S. Permanent Presence in Poland”.
Why Doesn’t Russia Have a Lobby in the United States?
This may be an unpopular approach, but we must start to exert constructive influence on US policy for the sake of stability and predictability in relations with the US. Moscow should aim at
Syria Airstrikes: Is All-Out War a Distinct Possibility Now?
In the early hours of Saturday, the United States, supported by the United Kingdom and France, launched airstrikes on a number of targets in Syria in response to alleged use of chemical weapons by the
“Ball Game”: Strategic Communication During Russia-West Confrontation
The information space is the main field of confrontation between Russia and the West today. The aim of this confrontation is to win over the public to one’s side. It is important not just to be right,
The Basis for Dialogue in Russian-Georgian Relations
Russian-Georgian relations have been deadlocked despite the nominal growth of trade and tourism from Russia and certain progress in the talks on the cargo transit via Abkhazia. Solutions to the
The India-China Rivalry and Russia’s Interests
Rivalry is not limited to Russia, China and the United States. Other great powers want to have their say in the world, including Germany, France, Japan, India, Brazil, Turkey and Iran. Although there
Combating Future Uncertainties: Goals for 2018
Combating future uncertainties is the main task when it comes to forecasting anything. Speaking about international relations, there are two key uncertainties here – the unknown motives of actors in a
The Paradoxes of Russian-US Relations
We are unlikely to see any breakthroughs or signals that relations are returning to their conventional norm. To a degree, all of us will be hostage to the domestic political situation in the US, which
Eurasia Archipelago. Prospects for a Continental Security Arrangement
A key continent, Eurasia, could become a continent of cooperation in the 21st century. The Eurasian mainland is the longest and most densely populated landmass in the world, which contains key
Zapad Wargames and Living in Uncertainty
The Russian-Belarusian Zapad (West) military exercises, which were held in the latter half of September, have disappointed many people. Comments made in the Western media before the exercises


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