Margarita Afonasova

Russian Federation

Professor of Economics at the Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics.


Change or the Imitation of Reform in Russia
The reforms in Russia are also being initiated by the government; however, it must be acknowledged that some preparatory work has been done in society. Over the past several decades of reform, the
On Stability Factors of the Russian Financial System
The financial system’s current condition and prospects for development are defined by relationships between various factors promoting stability or instability at a given time.
Economic Management in Stagnation and Recession
One difference between the current situation in the Russian economy and the previous recession (2008-2009) is the significantly lower monthly average rate of contraction. During the last
G20 Summit: Sustainability of Russia’s Financial System as a Key Goal of…
The instability of the global economy and global financial markets generates complex external conditions for the development of the Russian economy and Russian financial markets in the short and the
G20 Summit in St. Petersburg: Ensuring the Stability of the Russian Financial…
The volatility of global financial markets and reduced global demand for energy has undermined Russia’s financial security and its sustainable economic growth. Improving the stability of Russia’s