Dominic Lieven

United Kingdom

Fellow of the British Academy; Research professor, Cambridge University 

Formerly professor at London School of Economics, Visiting Professor at Harvard and Tokyo universities, and Humboldt Fellow (Germany).

Fields: Russian imperial history, comparative history of empires and political leadership.

Last two books: Towards the Flame: Empire, War and the End of Tsarist Russia (2015), winner Pushkin House Prize (UK), chosen as one of books of the year by The Economist;  Russia against Napoleon (2009), winner Wolfson Prize (UK), Prix de la Fondation Napoleon, chosen as one of books of the year by The Economist.

Awarded Order of Friendship (Russia) in 2014.


Revolution, War and Empire
The legitimacy of the tsarist regime in the early twentieth century it was hugely important and damaging that European opinion largely regarded absolute monarchy as a wholly out-of-date and

Dominic Lieven
Brexit and the World Order
Two long-term historical factors help to explain Brexit. The first is liberal-capitalist globalisation. The second, much older, is that whereas democracy usually functions best in small polities,

Dominic Lieven
Russia Against Napoleon. Battle for Europe, 1807-1814. By Dominic Lieven
Published by Penguin Books in 2009 and won the prestigious Wolfson History Prize. The book received rave reviews in the world media for its innovative approach to assessing and analyzing the

Dominic Lieven


Dominic Lieven on the October Revolution
Dominic Lieven, Fellow of the British Academy and Research professor at Cambridge University, talks about the reasons for and the outcomes of the 1917 October Revolution, as well as his family's