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Marshall D. Shulman Professor Emeritus, Columbia University, and Director of the Euro-Atlantic Security Initiative.


US-Russia Relations Have Yet to Reach Their Lowest Point
Starting on August 23, the US will suspend the issuance of non-immigrant visas in Russia, and the terms for issuing immigrant visas will be changed. Russia considers Washington's actions to be
Valdai Paper #64: Into the Unknown: U.S.-Russian Relations Unhinged
In the U.S. case, the known unknowns are numerous. They begin with the question of how much deck furniture Trump is willing to overturn in order to pursue an “America First” strategy.

Robert Legvold
Trump Administration’s Russia Policy: A Wide Range of Possible Outcomes
The question, before one turns to the Administration’s Russia policy, hinges on how much Trump’s right-wing domestic agenda and the political struggle he will face in enacting it will distract him

Robert Legvold
Populism Wins in US Congress’ Veto Override of 9/11 Bill
The rejection by the Senate of President Obama's veto on legislation allowing relatives of the victims of the September 11 attacks to sue Saudi Arabia will not only greatly undermine the

Robert Legvold
Russia – US: Confrontation in the Arctic Expanses?
Like the grim hulk of the Flying Dutchman in Wagner’s opera, the specter of trouble and conflict on the world’s newest frontier, the Arctic, looms in the headlines of the world’s press and the

Robert Legvold
A Melting Arctic in a Frozen Russia-West Relationship
The chance to use the Arctic as a building block in the formation of a Euro-Atlantic security community may be lost for the foreseeable future, but that still leaves the formidable challenge of

Robert Legvold
Cuban Missile Crisis 50 Years On: Nuclear Deterrence Is Still Playing a Major…
The Cuban missile crisis had a profound impact on key U.S. policymakers and on parts of the Soviet leadership, when they realized how close we had come to the nuclear abyss. During the crisis the risk

Robert Legvold
Putin’s Tone and Theme Represent a Throwback to the 2007 Hardline Speech in…
While Putin emphasizes Russia’s desire to have constructive relations with all parts of the world, and avoids threatening retaliation in response to actions he criticizes , both the tone and theme of

Robert Legvold
Putin Speaks About a Eurasian Union as a New Pole in an International…
The idea of a Eurasian Union may be a useful way to think about ways by which Russia can cooperate with some of its neighbors. But if it ends in greater political regionalization by bringing power

Robert Legvold
Cyber Security at G-8 Summit Agenda
Twenty-first century electronic capabilities pose dangers exceeding the current provisions of the UN Charter and the NATO Treaty, these legal instruments need urgently to be updated. Governments, the

Robert Legvold
Dmitry Medvedev’s Three Years in Office: Achievements, Results and Influence
Three years ago, in early May, Dmitry Medvedev took his oath of office, becoming the third president of the Russian Federation. The Valdai International Discussion Club asked some of its members to


Expert discussion "Donald Trump: Professional Profile of the New President…
On January 18, the Valdai Discussion Club held an expert discussion titled “Donald Trump: Professional profile of the new president of the United States,” dedicated to a presentation of a Valdai Club