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The Khalkhin Gol Anniversary and the Historical Memory Policy in Relations Between Russia, Mongolia, and Japan
The Khalkhin Gol Anniversary
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The summer of 2019 marks the 80th anniversary of the armed conflict on the Khalkhin Gol River, which  demonstrated the superiority of the Soviet and Mongolian military power. In the context of this anniversary, the Valdai Discussion Club presents the papers by two renowned Russian orientalists.

Sergei Luzyanin analyses the historical context of the conflict at Khalkhin Gol using a large number of new and little-known sources and examines the dynamics of the historical memory policy in modern Mongolia. In his paper, Dmitry Streltsov provides a picture of the evolution of the historical memory policy in Japan and highlights the key differences in approaches to this issue between certain political forces in that country. Also, he provides an interesting and important analysis of the public debate in Japan on concluding a peace treaty with Russia.