Sergei Luzyanin
Russian Federation

Director of the Institute of Far Eastern Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences 

Professor, MGIMO University; Permanent Member of the Academic Council under the Russian Federation Security Council.

Professional interests: International relations in Asia; Domestic and foreign policy of the PRC, Mongolia, ROK, DPRK, Japan, ASEAN countries, Central Asia and SCO.

Author of over 400 research works including 7 monographs published in Russian, English, Chinese and Mongolian languages.

Recent publications: Major Trends and Challenges in Development of Global and Regional Situation in East Asia (2017); Russia – China Dialogue: Model of 2017 (2017); Russia and China in SCO, 2017: Global and Regional Security Dimensions (2017); Bound by One Belt (2016); RF and PRC in East Asia: Security, Challenges and Chances for Deeper Cooperation in 2016 (2016); Russia – China Dialogue: Model of 2015 (2015).

Government Awards: Medal of the Russian Federation Security Council (2011); “For SCO Development” Medal of SCO Council of Foreign Ministers (2011).