15th Annual Meeting of the Valdai Discussion Club
List of speakers

The 15th Annual meeting of the Valdai Discussion Club will be held in Sochi on October 15-18. This year’s topic is “Russia: Agenda for the 21st Century.” This is not accidental. At the forefront is Russia, its political and socio-economic prospects, social and cultural development, place in the emerging world.

Russia has entered a new political cycle, its agenda is more ambitious than ever. There is a set of internal tasks – transition to a new economic and technological reality, opening up the potential of society, improvement of the political system. But as one of the important world powers, Russia actively influences both international processes and the way the world is being shaped. The next few years will determine the direction of development for decades to come – both for Russia itself and for the world we live in.

The acute informational and political confrontation of the recent years leads to a distorted view of Russia, which is replicated in the international arena, primarily in the West. Participants in the meeting – representatives of the state and civil society, cultural and academic figures, entrepreneurs and economists – will share with the guests of the forum their assessments of the prospects of the Russian Federation, will discuss how the international situation evolves, what kind of behavior the external environment dictates to the countries, in particular to Russia.

The main topics of the Annual meeting are the following:

• Tradition and Future: National Identity in a Changing World

• Culture as the Cornerstone and a Tool of Politics

• The Demands of Society and Responses by the State

• Economics for a New Development Philosophy

• Foreign Policy in Uncertain Times: Pursuing Development in a Changing World

The special sessions will be focused on the processes in the Middle East, the Eurasian space, as well as modern views on the military conflicts of the future.

The anniversary meeting will begin with the presentation of the Valdai Club Annual Report “The World We Will Live In”, prepared for the meeting.

Within the framework of the Annual meeting, the Valdai Discussion Club Award Ceremony will be held. The prize was established in 2016 and is awarded for significant contribution to understanding and explaining changes and trends in world politics.

Political and public figures, outstanding foreign and Russian experts in the field of international relations, geopolitics, military research, will take part in the Annual meeting of the Valdai Discussion Club in Sochi.

The Valdai Discussion Club was established in 2004. It became an internationally recognized platform for interaction between leading world experts and Russian scholars, politicians and government officials. Today, the Club’s activities are focused on research in the field of global political and economic processes. Over the past years, more than 1,000 representatives of the world expert community from 71 countries took part in the work of the Club.

Accreditation to the Annual meeting of the Club in Sochi will last from October 1 to October 10, 2018.

For accreditation, please fill out the form on our website.