Vladimir Yevseyev

Russian Federation

Director, Public Policy Research Center.

Previous Positions: Assistant to the Russian State Duma Deputy Nikolay Bezborodov, Defence Committee of the State Duma (2004-2007).

Program coordinator, Nuclear non-proliferation program, Moscow Carnegie Center (2004-2006).


Drone Attack on Khmeimim: Who Benefits from Escalation in Western Syria?
Ankara has serious reasons to aggravate the situation in Idlib province. The main reason is that Russia invited to the Congress of the peoples of Syria in Sochi the representatives of the Kurdish
Tough Reaction of Russian Military against U.S. Actions in Syria
Because of the downed Syrian Su-22 Russia stopped cooperation with the United States on the Syria memorandum. It is clear that the Americans will have to fly in the Russian air defense zone, and such
Qatar and Saudi Arabia: The Final Breakup or Will America Help?
For Saudi Arabia the split among the Persian Gulf states is undesirable.By taking tough measures, Saudi Arabia is likely to be interested in finding a compromise - for example, that Qatar will take
Erdogan's Visit to the US: Talks from the Position of Force
Support for Syrian Kurds and simultaneous desire to maintain relations with Turkey puts the United States in an extremely difficult position, Valdai Club experts believe. This duality will lead to the
Syria: How the Russian Presence in Afrin Will Affect Relations with Turkey
Recent reports on the Russian presence in the North-East of Aleppo province, also known as the Kurdish canton of Afrin, may mean that preparations are being made for a future offensive in the Idlib
How US Strikes on Syria Will Impact the Middle East and Beyond
The final goal of US aggression against Syria is pressure on China during the visit of President Xi Jinping, according to Valdai Club expert Vladimir Yevseyev. According to Yevseyev, despite its
Turning Point: The Inevitable Liberation of Aleppo
The liberation of Aleppo is inevitable and we can only argue about the timeframes, Valdai Club expert Vladimir Yevseyev says. Turkey, for its part, has few prospects of success in Syria, as it will be
Aleppo: A Prelude to the Liberation Operation
Revolutionary Guards Corps, but also Afghan Hazaras, Iraqi Shiites and Lebanese Hezbollah, are concentrated in Aleppo district for its liberation. In addition to the Russian Aerospace Forces, there
Where Will Escalation Over Syria Take Russia and the US?
The new situation destroys what was possibly the last avenue for Russia-US cooperation. US cannot launch missile strikes with impunity. Presumable Assad victory could lead to a displacement of
No Ceasefire in Syria Any More
The diplomatic efforts to resolve the crisis will continue, although the chances of the crisis settlement or the notorious "Partition of Syria" are very small.
Does the Creation of a Broad Coalition in Syria Stand a Chance?
The antiterrorist coalition it created in the autumn of 2014 to fight ISIS proved ineffective because it confined itself to air strikes against highly mobile and well-trained militants.
Investments in Iran: No Need for Haste
The process of lifting EU sanctions (putting American sanctions on hold) on Iran may start only in 2016. Serious investors, however, will not be in a rush, at least until the summer of 2017,