Sheng Shiliang


Senior Research Fellow, Global Challenges Studies, Xinhua News Agency

He is Researcher and Director of Russian Internal Affairs Office, Euro-Asia Social Development Research Institute; Executive Member of Center of Shanghai Cooperation Organization Studies.

Between 1978 and 2000 Sheng Shiliang served three terms (14 years in total) at the Moscow Branch of Xinhua News Agency, first as a reporter and then the Deputy Branch Chief. Has participated in the Valdai Discussion Club meetings since 2007.

His main works include: A Guide to Journalism Translation; Witnessing the Unexpected; Around the Globe; China's Neighboring Countries; Putin in my opinion. Author of more than 1000 articles and essays on Russia, the CIS and international relations. 


Russia and China: Joining Forces Against Fake News
Russia and China are alien to the United States and to the collective West. Therefore, in the future, information war will be the new normality. This is worth understanding, and we have to reflect the

Sheng Shiliang
BRICS+ and Changes in Global Governance
The BRICS summit in Xiamen is expected to promote business cooperation among member states in a wide range of areas. In essence, BRICS is a forum that consists of five countries which agreed on

Sheng Shiliang
The Cat Has Only Shown Its Fangs: How China Will React to Trump’s Challenge
China does not recognize Trump’s exceptionalism or power to decide the status of China and Taiwan. Until the US position on Taiwan is clarified for Beijing, the Chinese leadership will not be prepared
If the USSR Had Not Collapsed ... Views from Russia and China
Previously between the two "poles", the USSR and the USA, there was an entire structure of agreements and arrangements governing their relationship. And the world would be more stable,
Trans-Pacific Partnership: Prospects and China's Position
Many TPP rules resemble the key tendencies of the world economic development. It would be nice to intensify the negotiations on formation of free trade zones with China, as well as a deal on a

Sheng Shiliang
Valdai Club Experts About Situation in Syria
China may increase military supplies to the Syrian government, but direct military involvement is uncertain.
Xi Jinping's Visit to Washington: The Results Exceed Expectations
Besides cyber security problems, the greatest uproar in the US was elicited by China's actions in the East China Sea and the South China Sea. Washington also keeps on the agenda the traditional

Sheng Shiliang
Some Thoughts on Two Summits
Over the past three decades non-Western states have been demonstrating high rates of economic growth and social development, their political influence and military power have shot up. The Western and

Sheng Shiliang
Deng Xiaoping’s Role in Reforming China
August 22 marks 110th anniversary of the birth of Deng Xiaoping, the architect of reforms in the People’s Republic of China. His role in shaping the history of modern China is difficult to overstate.

Sheng Shiliang
Vladimir Putin Tops Person of the Year 2013 List According to the Valdai Club…
Valdai Club experts were polled on the results of 2013 and the most important events and people who influenced or changed international affairs The majority of the experts agreed that Vladimir Putin
Syria Comes Up As the Best and Worst of 2013 in the Valdai Club Poll
Valdai Club experts were polled on the results of 2013 and the most important events that influenced or changed international affairs. The majority of the experts polled believe that the most positive
Valdai Index: Most of Experts’ Estimation Parameters Are Negative
The majority of the Valdai Club members are western experts, who are critical about Russia’s political institutions, the role of the ruling party, and the role Vladimir Putin plays in Russia. One may

Sheng Shiliang


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