Nivedita Das Kundu


Ph.D.Foreign Policy Analyst. Senior Research Advisor, United Service Institution of India, New Delhi.

Earlier She was a Research Fellow with the Ministry of External Affairs Think Tank Indian Council for World Affairs,(ICWA) New Delhi. Prior to ICWA worked as an Associate Fellow with a Security and Defence Studies Think Tank the Institute of Defense Studies and Analyses (IDSA) and fellow with the Department of Science and Technology, and News Analyst with All India Radio.

Taught in the University of Helsinki (Finland), University of Hannover (Germany). She was a Fellow with the Aleksanteri Institute & Cristina Institute, Helsinki, Finland. Was a visiting fellow with the Institute for Oriental Studies, Pushkin Institute, Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia. She was a Post Doctoral Fellow with the Woodrow Wilson Center for Scholars, Kennan Institute, USA. Her research interest includes: geopolitical issues, foreign policy and strategic dimensions of security including energy security with focus on the Former Soviet States and India, multilateral organisations like SCO, BRIC, CSTO, NATO and EU. She has contributed widely on these research areas nationally and internationally. Authored a book on “Russia and it's Near Abroad: Strategic Dynamics and Implications”, and edited books on “Russia-India-China: Evolution of Geopolitical Strategic Trends”, “India-Russia Strategic Partnership: Challenges and Prospects”, & “India-Azerbaijan: The Silk Route Connection”. She has published research articles in various national and international journals, in edited books, in newspapers and in websites.

She has also written policy briefs, issue briefs and occasional papers on her subject of expertise. She has also delivered lectures and presented papers in many national and international Conferences in various Universities and Think Tanks. She can Speak, Read and Write in English, Russian, Bengali, Hindi and Finnish languages.

In 2012 was awarded by Pushkin medal, the special Russian state award for outstanding contribution in promoting Russian-Indian cultural, scientific and trade cooperation.


Fifteen Years of Shanghai Cooperation Organization: Initiating New Regionalism
Though SCO started as a regional organization focusing on a number of specific regional issues, now its activities are even reaching the macro-regional scale. The SCO is now also focusing on regional
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Although the US wants to benefit from trade and economic links with China, it does not want China to gain an enhanced status and authority globally. The US was not pleased to see China reaching out to
Developments in Central Asia: India-Kyrgyzstan Relations
Co-edited by Dr. Nivedita Das Kundu, Developments in Central Asia: India-Kyrgyzstan Relations aims at enabling a better understanding of India-Kyrgyz relations as well as about the region, providing
India-Russia Relationship: Past, Present & Future
India and Russia have acquired a new self-confidence arising out of their rapid economic growth. As rising economic powers, both India and Russia are playing an increasingly larger role on the world
India and Central Asia: Friendly Interactions
Since the emergence of new Central Asian states, India has forged a strong political relationship with them. However, lack of easy connectivity has been an impediment for India’s inroads into the
India's Emerging Partnerships in Eurasia: Strategies of New Regionalism. By…
The discourse on the emerging partnerships between India and the Eurasian States is framed under the label of new regionalism. This discourse has tended to explore the historical linkages,
Russia-India Partnership Lifted to New Heights
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent visit to Russia provided fresh impetus to the strategic partnership between Russia and India.
Russia - India Strategic Ties: Indian Prime Minister’s Visit to Russia
During Prime Minister Modi’s visit vital decisions could be taken in the areas of military-technological cooperation and nuclear power sector as well as regarding the humanitarian ties.
Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) Pipeline Project: From Dream to…
Turkmenistan currently exports gas to Russia, Iran and China. TAPI will provide alternative for exporting energy resources to other countries too.
Sino-Russian Unison: Vision from India
Few eminent Indian political analysts consider that for India the emergence of Chinese-Russian military might is a new strategic experience. New Delhi seems to adjust and balance its policy with new
Russia and Pakistan: Getting Closer to Each Other
Russia-Pakistan cooperation is increasing over the past few years. Pakistan is willing to move towards Russia and increase its partnership with Russia, in spite of US sanctions on Russia over Ukraine.


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