Mikhail Delyagin

Russian Federation

Founder and Director, Institute of Globalization Problems (IPROG); Publisher of “Free Thought” magazine.

Member, Council on Foreign and Defense policy; Member,Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. Ph.D in economics.

Previous positions: Analyst, Boris Yeltsin Group of experts (1990–1996); Chief Analytic, Analytic control center of the President of Russia (1994–1996); Adviser to the First Vice-Premier Boris Nemtsov (1997–1998); Adviser to the First Vice-Premier Yuri Maslyukov (1998–1999); Adviser, Assistant to the Chairman of Coordination Council of election block Motherland-All Russia, Yevgeny Primakov (1999–2002); Assistantto Mikhail Kasyanov, Prime Minister of Russia (2002–2003); Chairman of Presidium (2002–2005), Institute of Globalization problems (IPROG); Professor Emeritus (2000), Jilin university (China).

Research interests: macroeconomy, applied political science, global governance.

Author of more than 1000 articles and 13 monographs.

Selected publications: Mankind Crisis. Whether Russia in a non-Russian distemper will survive? (2010); Mankind drive (2008); Russia after Putin. Is Orange-Green Revolution Inevitable in Russia? (2005); World Crisis. General theory of Globalization (2003); Economy of Non-payments (1997).


Diplomatic and Economic Isolation of Russia Is Impossible
The diplomatic and economic isolation of Russia is impossible in principle because it will deal a blow to the EU economies. Europe will lose to China a giant share of the market for selling its goods.

Mikhail Delyagin
Syria Comes Up As the Best and Worst of 2013 in the Valdai Club Poll
Valdai Club experts were polled on the results of 2013 and the most important events that influenced or changed international affairs. The majority of the experts polled believe that the most positive
Valdai Club members: Value system in Russia should focus on the future
According to experts of the Valdai International Discussion Club, Russia is going through a transition period and needs a new value system that reflects the great Russian culture of the past, while
Prospects of the “Russian Civil Nation”
Russian civilization will come to an end without the unity of its people and a state that serves the people. It will suffer the same lot as the Central Asian civilizations buried under the sand. It

Mikhail Delyagin
Short-Term and Long-Term Effects of Russia’s WTO Accession
Accession to the WTO guarantees that Russia will not defend its market and its producers, and this is important for major foreign exporters, especially for global corporations. That is why they

Mikhail Delyagin
Business, the State and Social Responsibility
As private business continues to grow in Russia, the majority of businesspeople are coming to adopt a conscientious attitude to their own society as a core value. This attitude is part of human

Mikhail Delyagin
Russia and the IMF: Thoughts Prompted by an Important Anniversary
Russia has gone from a recipient to a donor of IMF aid. Moral satisfaction will have to suffice, because Russian leaders are unable to influence IMF policy.

Mikhail Delyagin
Capital Flight From Negative Stability
The high price of oil ensured higher revenue than was projected. But, unlike in previous years, the Finance Ministry is spending government money in compliance with the schedule without delay or

Mikhail Delyagin
Super-Rich Expected to Multiply in Russia
The rapid growth of the super-rich in Russia is not accompanied by solid development, to say nothing of modernization. The money spent on luxurious yachts, foreign sports teams, palaces all over the

Mikhail Delyagin
How the Revised Strategy-2020 Could Destroy the Russian Economy
Strategy-2020 is an ill-fated document. Implementing this strategy would mean a new round of liberal reforms in Russia, causing the destruction of its social environment and the economy. However, this

Mikhail Delyagin
The Economy in Vladimir Putin's Election Program
Vladimir Putin has so far failed to present a coherent economic program. What is clear, at least in broad strokes, is how the prime minister understands the global economic crisis.

Mikhail Delyagin
Smart Political Technology
The president’s address to the Federal Assembly is interesting primarily as a response to the rally at Bolotnaya Square. Everything else appears somewhat vague. When someone is leaving the political

Mikhail Delyagin


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