Gerhard Mangott


Professor on International Relations, Department of Political Science, University of Innsbruck 

Since 1995 – lecturer at the Diplomatic Academy in Vienna. He was Senior research fellow at the Austrian Institute of International Affairs in Vienna (1991–2008).

Main research areas: strategic studies (political and military security, armed conflicts), strategic arms control, energy security, Russian foreign policy.
Recent Publications: Bombs, Boycotts Bargains. Eine Analyse von Strategien im Umgang mit dem Nuklearprogramm Nordkoreas (An analysis of strategies on North Korea’s nuclear programme) (2016); Russlands Intervention in Syrien (Russia’s Syria intervention) (2016); From Reset to Paralaysis? Die Beziehungen zu Russland und die Zukunft der US Weltführungspolitik (US Relations with Russia and the Future of US Global Leadership) (2014); Gestörte Leitungen. Russland und die Gasversorgung der EU (Russia and EU Gas Supplies) (2012).


Coalition Government in Austria: Strong Opposition to Uncontrolled Immigration
For the second time in post-War Austrian history the right-of-centre Christian Democrats (OeVP) and the far-right Freedom Party (FPOe) have formed a coalition government. The first

Gerhard Mangott
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New US sanctions against Russia irritate the EU, as they in fact represent interference with the European energy policy, Valdai Club experts Reinhard Krumm and Gerhard Mangott say. But don’t expect
Will the Great Powers Become Serious Now in the Fight Against Islamic State?
In the Vienna process on the Syrian crisis more countries will now back the Russian position on sidelining the fate of al-Assad in the search for a political solution.

Gerhard Mangott


Gerhard Mangott on the Global Crisis of Arms Control
Gerhard Mangott, Professor of International Relations at the University of Innsbruck and Senior Adviser on Post-Soviet Affairs at the Austrian Institute of International Relations in Vienna, talks