Gerhard Mangott

Professor on International Relations, Department of Political Science, University of Innsbruck 

Since 1995 – lecturer at the Diplomatic Academy in Vienna. He was Senior research fellow at the Austrian Institute of International Affairs in Vienna (1991–2008).

Main research areas: strategic studies (political and military security, armed conflicts), strategic arms control, energy security, Russian foreign policy.
Recent Publications: Bombs, Boycotts Bargains. Eine Analyse von Strategien im Umgang mit dem Nuklearprogramm Nordkoreas (An analysis of strategies on North Korea’s nuclear programme) (2016); Russlands Intervention in Syrien (Russia’s Syria intervention) (2016); From Reset to Paralaysis? Die Beziehungen zu Russland und die Zukunft der US Weltführungspolitik (US Relations with Russia and the Future of US Global Leadership) (2014); Gestörte Leitungen. Russland und die Gasversorgung der EU (Russia and EU Gas Supplies) (2012).