Yevgeny Minchenko
Russian Federation

President and Chief Executive Officer of MINCHENKO CONSULTING Communication Group 

Evgeny Minchenko has been in the business of policy analysis, political consulting and public relations since 1993. He founded and was the First Chairman of the Government Relations Committee under the auspices of the Russian Public Relations Association (2003), and since 2015 he is the Chairman of the Political Consulting Committee of the Association. He is a member of the National Academy of Social Expertise in Russia, Board Member of the Russian Association of Political Consultants, and a member of the International Association of Political Consultants. He is a co-author of the Governors’ Political Survival Rating in the Russian Federation, an author of over 100 publications on political consulting and lobbyism, and the creator of Politburo 2.0 analytical model of social interactions and decision-making among the Russian elites.

He is also the author of three books: How to Become and Remain a Governor (2001); The Art of Political Consulting and Campaign Management: Experience of Russian Political Consultants (2005); and How to Win Elections in the United States, the Great Britain and the European Union: a Campaign Management Analysis (2015).