Clifford Kupchan

United States

Chairman and Practice Head, Eurasia Group

His work focuses on Russia and Eurasia, the Middle East, and global macro issues. Clifford Kupchan has published numerous articles and essays on Russia, Iran, and U.S. foreign policy. He frequently lectures on U.S. relations with Russia and Iran, and on global trends. He is a frequent commentator on television news programs and in many major U.S. and European newspapers.  

Before joining Eurasia Group, he served as Vice President and Senior Fellow at The Center for the National Interest. He lived in Moscow where he was Vice President of the Eurasia Foundation (2000–2002). During the Clinton Administration, Clifford Kupchan served as a senior official at the US Department of State. Before that, he worked for many years for the House International Relations Committee.  He served as Senior Foreign Policy Advisor for Eurasia, North Africa and foreign assistance.


The Russia-US Summit: Skepticism but Cautious Hope
The announcement that President Donald Trump will meet President Vladimir Putin on 16 July in Helsinki met considerable skepticism in the US. Both members of Congress and influential experts doubted

Clifford Kupchan
Korean Peninsula Détente: Can It Last?
The hope today is that this temporary sports diplomacy can be turned from a humanitarian and symbolic step into a more sustainable reconciliation process. This is an effort Washington should support,

Clifford Kupchan
Donald Trump and Uptick in US-China Trade Tensions
A cycle of trade measures including both formal and informal retaliatory actions will certainly cast a shadow over bilateral and to some extent global trade. Most importantly, one must hope

Clifford Kupchan
EU’s Neighborhood Policy: Revamping Fundamentals
The European Union (EU) will always be flanked by two sets of partners: those to its East and those to its South. Consequently, its Eastern Partnership will never become irrelevant, and it

Clifford Kupchan
US-UK Free Trade Deal: the Beginning of Something New?
Any free trade deal between the United Kingdom and the United States, if it ever were to happen, is still many years off, writes Valdai Club expert Clifford Kupchan. The European Union’s rules

Clifford Kupchan
G20 Summit’s Main Takeaway: Under Trump, US Will Continue to Go It Alone
Being out of sync with the rest of the world has great impact on the United States’ influence, writes Valdai Club expert Clifford Kupchan. However, just because the US was an outcast at the G20

Clifford Kupchan
SCO Summit: Complex Geopolitics of the Broad Space
India wants to expand its trade ties in Central Asia and with Russia, and entering the organization alongside Pakistan may well be intended to check both Pakistan and a growing Chinese presence. For

Clifford Kupchan
The US and Central Asia: Past Trends and Current Priorities
Donald Trump has prioritized combating terrorism as a pillar for his own base of support and as a focal point of his foreign and national security policies. Central Asian states may see their own

Clifford Kupchan
Trump’s Travel Ban May Increase US Domestic Terror Risk
US President Donald Trump’s decision to ban travel to the US for citizens of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen may ultimately increase the US terror risk, rather than lowering it. The
The Cat Has Only Shown Its Fangs: How China Will React to Trump’s Challenge
China does not recognize Trump’s exceptionalism or power to decide the status of China and Taiwan. Until the US position on Taiwan is clarified for Beijing, the Chinese leadership will not be prepared
US-Russia Relations Under Donald Trump
Donald Trump’s unexpected victory does little to change the structural challenges facing US-Russian relations. Trump and President Vladimir Putin seem likely to have a solid personal relationship, and

Clifford Kupchan
Agreeing on Fundamentals in Syria
The Syrian crisis has become the next global “great game,” in which many of the world’s major powers are pursuing very different outcomes. The presence of outside powers complicates resolving the

Clifford Kupchan


Clifford Kupchan on Eurasia's Biggest Issues and Opportunities
Clifford Kupchan, Chairman and Practice Head of Eurasia Group, talks about the main factors behind issues in Eurasia, such as conflicts, oil dependence, leadership change and succession and the



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