Clifford Kupchan
United States

Сhairman and Director of research, Eurasia Group.

His work focuses on Russia and Eurasia, the Middle East, and global macro issues. Clifford Kupchan has published numerous articles and essays on Russia, Iran, and U.S. foreign policy. He frequently lectures on U.S. relations with Russia and Iran, and on global trends. He is a frequent commentator on television news programs and in many major U.S. and European newspapers.  

Before joining Eurasia Group, he served as Vice President and Senior Fellow at The Center for the National Interest. He lived in Moscow where he was Vice President of the Eurasia Foundation (2000–2002). During the Clinton Administration, Clifford Kupchan served as a senior official at the US Department of State. Before that, he worked for many years for the House International Relations Committee.  He served as Senior Foreign Policy Advisor for Eurasia, North Africa and foreign assistance.