Nourhan El-Sheikh


Professor of Political Science, Cairo University.


'Illegal' US Airstrikes May Delay, but Not Stop Syria Peace Process
One of the main aims of the US strikes on Syria was to block the achievements in the peace process after the recent summit between Russia, Iran and Turkey, where consensus was reached on putting
Toward a Strategic Alliance between Egypt and Russia
On March 26, presidential elections started in Egypt, with the incumbent president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi challenged by Mousa Mostafa Mousa, leader of the El-Ghad (‘Tomorrow’) party. According
Why Humanitarian Corridors in Syria May Provoke New Fighting
The humanitarian corridors can only succeed if they are respected by armed groups. Eastern Gut is the last stronghold of the armed groups and Nusra near Damascus. They hit the humanitarian corridor
Russia and the Fate of Al-Nusra: Opportunities and Challenges
The Al-Nusra Front is considered the most powerful terrorist organization in Syria after ISIS. Both actually are two sides of one coin. The emergence of al-Nusra in January 2012 came with strong
Syria, Russia's Great Achievement
Finally, Syria has returned to the Syrians. A flash back to late 2016 shows the great achievement Russia has done in Syria. On December 5th, Russia's Defense Ministry declared Syria
Syria: “Putin’s Middle East Miracle”
The developments in Syria and the Middle East as a whole are truly a miracle that was not envisioned two years ago, when Russia started its operations in September 2015. At that time, terrorists
Libya at the Crossroads
Libya is at an important turning point towards stability. There is greater international recognition that reconciliation is the only way to restore peace in Libya. The UN Security Council strongly
A New Launching for Russian Saudi Relations
The Saudi policy is witnessing an unprecedented transition, which represents an opportunity to reshape the relation between Moscow and Riyadh, moving it to technical economic cooperation and strategic
A Trojan Horse of the West in Libya?
Suddenly, unknown person, Abdul Basit Igtet, appeared as a candidate to succeed Al-Sarraj in heading the government. He is a businessman who is said to be a resident of the United States. He was never
Political Stability in Libya: Opportunities and Challenges
The declaration adopted last week by Fayez Al Sarraj and Khalifa Haftar in France, represents a positive and important step toward resolving the Libyan crisis, but its implementation depends on the
Valdai Paper #71: Arab Uncertainty after the ‘Spring’
After six years of rapid and successive developments that have engulfed Arab countries, they could not reach a safe path towards the future. They are still suffering instability and bloody conflicts
Kurdistan Referendum: Challenges and Consequences
The referendum on Kurdistan's independence, supposed to be organized on September 25, is a very important development as it would add more difficulties to the complicated scene in the Middle East.


Nourhan El-Sheikh on Russia's Role in the Post-War Reconstruction of Syria
Nourhan El-Sheikh, Professor of Political Science at Cairo University, discusses Russia’s role in Syria’s post-war reconstruction. According to her, Russia is the leading power in this process,

Nourhan El-Sheikh: Trump Will Try to Maintain Obama’s Hold on Middle East
Nourhan El-Sheikh, Professor of Political Science at Cairo University, talks about the Valdai Club’s Middle East conference and how it is unlike many other conferences on the region in its breadth