Nourhan El-Sheikh


Professor of Political Science, Cairo University.


Can the World Win the Battle against Terrorism?
We witness the spread of extremist teachers along our schools allowing them to instill their aggressive values to young generation who are soon will lead the state and society. In a country like
What's After the American Strikes on Syria?
It is obvious that the United States is moving ahead toward dividing Syria and it is still not serious enough in fighting terrorism. It is working now to separate north and south of Syria through
State of Emergency May Be Egypt’s Last Chance to Defeat Terrorists
The new state of emergency may be Egypt’s only chance to defeat the terrorist groups, as Egypt’s government for the first time has broad support from both the population and the international
Saudi-Iranian Detente in Sight
Saudi Arabia and Iran are exhausted and finally realize that it is inevitable to reach some kind of a compromise. The rising of Russian role in the Middle East provides a suitable environment and real
Egyptian-Russian Partnership: Opportunities and Challenges
President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi visit to Russia (August 25-27) reflects a stable Egyptian orientation towards partnership with Moscow. It is his fourth visit within eighteen months, which
Egyptian-Israeli Relations Are Warming Up
Egypt is currently rearranging its regional and international relations. On 21 June, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi authorized new appointments for Egypt's diplomatic staff around the
Mixed Perceptions of Russia in Egypt
Unlike during the Soviet era, when Moscow used to support all revolutions and national liberation movements around the world, this time Russia did not offer any direct support to the revolutions and