Report: Russia and the European Union: Three Questions Concerning New Principles in Bilateral Relations

The Valdai Discussion Club presents its new report, titled “Russia and the European Union: Three Questions Concerning New Principles in Bilateral Relations”.

By all estimates the relations between the Russian Federation and the European Union have reached the lowest point. What both sides saw 20 years ago as an important and mutually beneficial project has been ruined by the military and diplomatic crisis concerning Ukraine. That crisis was, in turn, the result of a long period of stagnation and mutual misunderstanding.

In effect, Russia-EU relations have gradually worsened ever since. However, for a long time both sides tried to put a positive face on that process by proposing a range of low-priority initiatives and, ultimately, by offering only empty slogans.

Nevertheless, economic and political interdependence of the two global actors remains significant, therefore a new concept of relations is needed. In response to the European Commission’s “Five Principles” of the EU-Russia relations announced in March, the Valdai Club has formulated its own six principles, which must become the basis of Russia’s relations with the European Union.

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