Timofei Bordachev

Russian Federation

Programme Director of the Valdai Discussion Club; Director, Centre for Comprehensive European and International Studies, National Research University Higher School of Economics

PhD in political sciences, Saint Petersburg State University (1999). The coauthor of more than 200 analytical materials for public authorities of the Russian Federation concerning internal development of the European Union and the Russia-EU relations in 2004–2009. Аnalytical reviews were being prepared by a working group, comprising representatives of Institute of Europe of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Council on Foreign and Defence Policy (CFDF) and the Institute of Strategic Studies and Analysis (ISSA) and headed by Sergey Karaganov.

As a researcher specializes in Russian-European relations, foreign policy of the European Union, public-private relations in Europe, the European and international security. The author of the academic works published in Russia and abroad.


World Politics Getting Rough This Summer
The world as we see it today it is not a sheet of glass resembling the sea on which commodities together with ideas sail along without a hitch. It is rather an unpredictable stormy ocean that does not
The SCO as the Foundation of Greater Eurasia
Today is perhaps the most difficult period for international organizations and institutions, the most important political product of the 20th century. Primarily this concerns universal institutions
Europe’s Third Strategic Disaster and the Future of the Westphalian Order
Europe, with its exhausted potential, can no longer be seen as a component of the global balance. India is on its way in. Its joining will create the conditions for the international system to return
The West’s "Two Wars" and Modern International Politics
The political history of the West is about 2,500 years of permanent fighting both internally and externally. The West’s virtually unchallenged political and military dominance in international
Peace Through Balance of Power: Strategic Importance of New Russian Weapons
Vladimir Putin’s presidential address on foreign and defense policy met both the reality of modern international life and the requirements that this reality sets to states. And if some of its points
Greater Eurasia in ‘the Indian Century’
The annual international security conference that took place in Munich on February 16-18 clearly demonstrated that the world is bursting at the seams. It’s as if there was no tragic and great 20th
Europe: Countdown to the Point?
Europe is clearly on the threshold of a radical overhaul of its elites and its party and political systems. Voter fatigue, the numerous crises of the last 10 years, and the total relative
Main Results of 2017: Energetic Russia and the Greater Eurasia Community
The main achievement in Russia’s foreign policy for 2017, and for several years prior to that, has been the development of a strategic concept, for the first time since 1991. The physical embodiment
What Went Wrong with Eurasian Integration and How to Fix It
On January 1, 2018, Russia steps in as the chair of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council, the main political institution of the Eurasian Economic Union, and the Eurasian Intergovernmental Council
Priorities of the EAEU: Development of the Internal Market and Free Trade…
On Wednesday, October 11, a meeting of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council takes place in Sochi with the participation of the presidents of Eurasian Economic Union countries. In 2018, the
Eurasia: Doomed to Division?
The political events of the past few years give hope that Russia has shed its ambivalence and now sees itself as an independent development center rather than the periphery of Europe or Asia. But it
A Regime With no Hegemon? Lessons from the West and Cooperation in Eurasia
This summer, the US Congress approved, and President Donald J. Trump signed a bill that made economic warfare against Russia, Iran and the DPRK an integral part of US foreign policy. This time,


Geopolitics in a New Way: The Global Role of China and India and Interests of…
On June 19, 2018, the Valdai Discussion Club held an expert discussion, titled "Geopolitics in a New Way: The Global Role of China and India and Interests of Russia", with participation of

Trump - Kim Summit in Singapore. Expert Discussion
On June 13, 2018, at 14:00 the Valdai Discussion Club held an expert discussion on the results of the summit in Singapore between the US President Donald Trump and the DPRK leader Kim Jong-un.

Ivan Krastev on Europe's Four Crises
Ivan Krastev, Chairman of the Centre for Liberal Strategies in Sofia, Bulgaria talks about Europe's crises and the challenge that its values face going forward.

Edward Luttwak on the Movement Behind Trump's Presidency
Edward Luttwak, Senior Associate at the Center for International and Strategic Studies (CSIS), talks about the forces behind Trump's election and the future of US-Russia relations.

Governor Jerry Brown on Repairing US-Russia Relations
California Governor Jerry Brown talks about the prospects of development in Russia's Far East and ways to improve US-Russia relations.

"Reshaping Eurasian Space: Common Perspectives from China, Russia and…
On June 3, the Valdai Discussion Club presented the tripartite Russian-Kazakh-Chinese report, titled "Reshaping Eurasian Space: Common Perspectives from China, Russia and Kazakhstan Think



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