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Valdai Club to Discuss New Eurasian Multilateralism
List of speakers

On November 3, at 10:30 am Moscow time (GMT+3), the Valdai Discussion Club will host an online conference, titled “New Eurasian Multilateralism: The Response of China and Russia” within the framework of the Valdai Club’s cooperation with the Centre for Russia-China Strategic Interaction under the CITIC Foundation for Reform and Development Studies of China.

The West is gradually ceasing to play a leading role in determining the development of the world economy. Alternative concepts of globalisation and multilateralism are emerging. China, as the leader of the Global South, has presented a number of mega-projects over the past few years to build a new architecture for the world economy, including the Belt and Road Initiative and BRICS+. In turn, Russia put forward the concept of the Greater Eurasian Partnership. These projects can contribute to integration processes, to the development of transport links, and to economic cooperation between the countries of Eurasia.

The multilateral integration projects of Russia and China can be presented as a kind of “new Eurasian multilateralism”, which is becoming an ever more weighty alternative to Western models of world economic development. In this regard, the key question is how successful the confluence of the integration projects of China and Russia will be in the Eurasian space and in the world economy as a whole? Can the Greater Eurasian Partnership become the core of integration processes in Eurasia? How much more competitive could such a joint integration project between Russia and China become in comparison with the integration projects of Western countries? These and many other questions will be answered by leading experts specialising in the affairs of the Eurasia region and world economic development.


  • Li Ruogu, President, Export-Import Bank of China (2005–2015)

  • Andrey Panteleev, Head of Economic Policy Strategies Section, Macroeconomic Policy Department of EEC

  • Alexei D. Voskressenski, Director of the Centre for Comprehensive Chinese Studies and Regional Projects at MGIMO University

  • Wang Haiyun, Major General (Ret.), Former Military Attaché at the Chinese embassy in Moscow


  • Yana Leksyutina, Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor at the St. Petersburg State University

  • Viktor Sumsky, Director of the ASEAN Center at MGIMO University

  • Wang Xiangxue, Secretary General, the CITIC Foundation for the Study of Reforms and Development in China

  • Wang Yongli, Major General (Ret.), Former Deputy Commander of the PLA Hong Kong Garrison


Working languages: Russian, Chinese.

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