SCO Summit: Towards Regional Integration and New World Order

The summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, which was held on June 9 in Astana, is very important for the development of the Eurasian region. The main event of the summit was that India and Pakistan were officially inducted as members of the SCO. This summit is without exaggeration a historical event. Next in line is Iran.

There are problems between Pakistan and India, and the organization will work as an effective platform to resolve disputes. Regional security and stability remain top priorities of the leadership of all participating countries, despite the existing contradictions.

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization was transformed from G6 into G8, covering 23 percent of the land area and 45 percent of the world's population. This year the SCO celebrates its 15th anniversary. In accordance with the spirit of Shanghai, the organization continues to create a regional community for a common future of humanity.

The priority direction in the work of the SCO is to maintain stability and security in the region and to overcome new challenges and threats. During the Astana summit the main issues, among other things, were combating international terrorism, situation in Afghanistan and in the Middle East. In this regard, I would like to note the signing of the SCO Convention on Countering Extremism and the adoption of the Declaration of the SCO Heads of States on joint counteraction to international terrorism. SCO leaders consider it important to strengthen the SCO as an effective full-format regional organization aimed to create an effective global and regional security architecture.

Within the framework of the SCO, China continues to promote the One Belt, One Road initiative to develop business cooperation with interested countries and cooperation in the Eurasian economic space, which gives good chances for development and prosperity, and at the same time it offers new ways for stability in our region.

At the Belt and Road International Forum, held in Beijing last May, the problems of trade and economic cooperation were discussed. The issue of formation of the Great Eurasian partnership was also raised. The Chinese One Belt, One Road initiative will give a new impetus to the development of the SCO and will bring cooperation between the SCO member countries to a qualitatively new level.

The strength of cohesion of the SCO contributes to the creation of a more just international order. This is facilitated by the spirit of Shanghai, which, in particular, ensures the successful development of the organization. During the summit, President Xi Jinping formulated five proposals for the development of further relations: strengthening of cooperation, joint opposition to challenges, deepening of the business cooperation, establishing humanitarian ties, openness and tolerance. And they can be called the directions of development of the SCO, which is becoming one of the key organizations of Eurasia, which contributes to the formation of regional integration.

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