Shen Yi: In Cyberspace We Need to Build a Balance Between Freedom, Security and Order


According to Shen Yi, Deputy Director of the Cyberspace Governance Studying Center, Fudan University, the most important experience of China in the cyberspace is determining a balance between such cyber space values, as freedom of information, security, stability and order. The Chinese government is intelligently with challenges in cyberspace, embracing new information and communication technologies (ICT). In China, there is a need to build more trust between government, ordinary customers and main local and foreign ICT actors.  Consensus is a pre-condition for further development of cyberspace and China needs to learn from the experience of other countries, including Russia and the US, he added.

As to common international rules regarding internet, Shen noted that China supports constructive reforms of the present order, including jurisdiction and equality of sovereign states. Great powers like China, the US and Russia have a special responsibility to work out an order in cyberspace to ensure its security and stability, he said. China and Russia already cooperate in this area in the framework of the SCO, but they need to be more active to promote their proposals worldwide, Shen concluded.


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