Nabil Fahmy on Key Priorities of Egypt's Foreign Policy

According to Nabil Fahmy, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Egypt (2013-2014),Dean of the School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, American University in Cairo, Egypt had 2 revolutions in 3 years. Domestically the country needed better civil liberties and governance, and multiple options internationally.

Egypt has not only to rely on the United States, but primarily to develop good relation with other key world actors like Russia. The second priority is to make the foreign policy more region-oriented. The Lybian problem is very sensitive to Egypt because of the common border. The Syrian problem is still very dangerous because it will determine whether we can preserve the nation state system and the very foundations of the present Arab world. Regional players have to depend on themselves.

As to Egypt-Russia relations, the spirit now is very positive, but both countries can do more to develop bilateral ties, especially in economy and tourism. Without Russia it is impossible to solve the Syrian conflict, but without help of big regional countries it is also impossible to do this.