Mahmoud Shoori: Iran is Interested in Cooperation with the Eurasian Economic Union


According to Mahmoud Shoori, Member of the Board of Directors and Senior Fellow at the Russian Studies Department at the Institute for Iran-Eurasia Studies, the Eurasian Economic Union is the only organization that truly develops regional cooperation alongside Iran. Cooperation with the EAEU is very important for Iran, since it is interested in regional integration and the EAEU plays an important role here. Here, in particular, we should single out cooperation with Russia, which is also very important. Economic cooperation complements the political interaction between the two countries.

Talks are already underway between Iran and the EAEU. However, there are many problems that need to be solved. There are many differences between the members of the Eurasian Economic Union and Iran. In particular, this concerns preferential tariffs. But from a strategic point of view, Iran and the EAEU have every chance of strengthening cooperation.

Iran pursues an independent foreign policy and opposes having other powers impose their principles and values ​​on it. It was for this reason that the West imposed sanctions. Iran develops cooperation primarily with those countries that have an independent voice and conduct an independent foreign policy, such as Russia or China. Particular attention is paid to domestic economic security. It is important to develop domestic production and ensure the economic potential of the country and its consumer market.