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As part of the “Future Preparedness Index” project, experts will annually determine the role of world powers in possible scenarios and outline the contours of the new world.

On October 27, 2016 at the 13th Meeting of the Valdai Discussion Club in Sochi, the Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM) and the Valdai Club presented a joint project titled "The Future Preparedness Index."


  • The Future Preparedness Index is an assessment of the competitiveness of states, according to 10 criteria.

  • 50 countries will be evaluated and compared each year.

  • The international pool of experts will determine Russia's place in the ranking of world powers.

The project's goal is to regularly review the countries' readiness to respond to the challenges of tomorrow, their role in future scenarios, competitiveness according to a range of economic and political criteria, development of industries and social infrastructure, Russia's place in the world's powers ranking. Before the end of 2016, the pool of international experts will be formed to assess 50 countries of the world for each of the proposed options.

The criteria for assessment in the index include: The state of the economy, the amount of the national wealth (all state economic assets), labor productivity and sustained economic growth. Technological development, the availability of multi-functional digital technology, advanced technology and technological complexity of production. Quality of education, its availability throughout the human life, share of people with higher education and the development and implementation of talents. Development of science, contribution to world science, scientific breakthroughs, the priority development of science and research in the policy of a state. Culture and communication, the economic success of cultural products, and their international visibility and public accessibility. Quality of life, life expectancy, life satisfaction and wealth status. Natural resources and the environment, the availability of key resources, waste management, efficient use of resources. Management efficiency, the efficiency of administrative staff, computerization of public services and stability of institutions. State potential, the ability of the armed forces to counterattack of any potential opponent, the ability of police forces to maintain law and order inside the state and citizens' confidence in personal safety. Position on the international arena, high international status, country's credibility and global competitiveness.

The preliminary results of the "Future Preparedness Index" are to be announced next June, with the final results presented in fall of 2017 at the Valdai Discussion Club Conference Hall.

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