FM Nalbandian meets Valdai analysts and experts

Armenia’s foreign minister Edward Nalbandian had a business lunch on March 11 with a group of renowned members of the Valdai international discussion club Andrey Bystritskiy, Fyodor Lukyanov, Timofei Bordachev, Yaroslav Lissovolik, Anatoly Torkunov, Vitaly Naumkin, Nikolai Zlobin, Alexander Rahr, Ivan Timofeev, Alexander Smirnov and Oleg Tsatsurin, who arrived in Armenia for the visiting session of the club, the ministry of foreign affairs told ARMENPRESS. Nalbandian greeted the guests and attached importance to the holding of Valdai’s visiting session in Yerevan and wished productive and meaningful discussions, and highlighted the necessity of holding regular meetings in this format. Nalbandian briefed the analysts on the main directions of Armenia’s foreign policy.