Konstantin Truevtsev

Russian Federation

Senior researcher, Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences   


Astana vs Macron
In recent months, France, in the person of Emmanuel Macron, has been striving for greater participation in the Syrian settlement and for development of a clearer position on this issue. In particular,
The West and Humanitarian Situation in Eastern Ghouta: Care or Falsehood?
War is always a tragedy and human suffering. However, quite often a different logic is observed behind the words about caring for peaceful citizens: attempts to stop Syria’s purification from the
National Dialogue Congress, Olive Branch Operation and Unpredictable…
The current development of the situation in Syria is marked by two events. The first is the Syrian National Dialogue Congress in Sochi, the second is the Turkish "Olive Branch" military
Russia-Azerbaijan-Iran: Contours of Trilateral Strategy
Building an economic strategy along the Russia-Azerbaijan-Iran line also opens up opportunities for its further extrapolation to the political area. In any case, the trilateral partnership has already


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