Lee Jae-Young

South Korea

Vice President, Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP)           

He is also adjunct professor of Graduate School of International Studies at Hanyang University. He is honorary professor of Economic Research Institute of the Far Eastern Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences and honorary professor of the Far East Institute of International Relations in Russia as well.

Lee Jae-Young has over 20 years of professional experience as an economist and academic. He served as an academic visitor at Wolfson College of University of Oxford, a visiting scholar at Davis Center at Harvard University.

Lee Jae-Young has conducted numerous research in Korea's economic strategy toward Russia and Eurasia including the CIS countries. Recent publications: The Political Economy of the Pacific Russia (coauthor, 2017), Evaluation of Korea-Russia Economic Cooperation and its mid-to long-term Vision (coauthor, 2015), etc.


Valdai Paper #76: The New Northern Policy and Korean-Russian Cooperation
While the North Korea crisis hangs over regional and global peace, the world calls out to constructive and peaceful cooperation that can halt the ‘conflict spiral’.

Lee Jae-Young
Forecasts on Korea’s Foreign Policies Following the Launch of the New…
Two major issues are of importance to President Moon regarding North Korea. First, easing the confrontation between North and South Korea as swiftly as possible and preventing the possibility of war

Lee Jae-Young
Slow Growth, Protectionism and Asia-Eurasia
Supporters of populism in major economies are those who are hit the hardest by globalization and low growth, i.e., those with low levels of income, education and job security. With growing demand from

Lee Jae-Young
Leaders of Asia-Pacific Meet in the Shadow of Donald Trump’s Victory
There is, at present, little basis for projections on how significantly a Trump presidency will alter Washington’s relations with APEC countries, in the security or economic spheres.


Lee Jae-Young: The Valdai Conference in Seoul Is a Way of Cooperating With…
Lee Jae-Young, Vice President of the Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP), talks about the significance of the Valdai Club holding its Asia regional conference in Seoul.

Lee Jae-Young on Korea's Role in Developing Russia's Far East
Lee Jae-Young, Vice President at the Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP), talks about the economic development of Russia's Far East and the role South Korea could play



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