Vladimir Petrovsky

Russian Federation

PhD, Political Science, Researcher, Institute of Far Eastern Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences, Full member of the Russian Academy of Military Sciences.

Previous positions: Professor, Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs, Higher School of Economics. Senior Counselor, Asian Economic Cooperation Foundation (AECF). Member of editorial Boards, Diplomatic Service, International Journal of Asian Economics, International Journal on World Peace journals.

Academic Secretary for Public and Media Relations, Institute of Far Eastern Studies (IFES), Russian Academy of Science (RAS). Professor, Faculty of Public Administration, Moscow State University. Chairman of Executive Board, Russian Political Science Association (RPSA). Member of International Institute for Strategic Studies (2003-2005). Producer and News Editor, BBC Russian Service Moscow Bureau. President, Russian National Peace Council (2005-2010).


Russia - China: Prospects for Cooperation within the EEC
The early signing of the Agreement on Trade and Economic Cooperation between EEC and China will be the first tangible result of the confluence process and will guarantee further favorable prospects.
Doklam Plateau: Diplomatic Solution Is Inevitable
Diplomatic solution of the Sino-Indian dispute over the Doklam plateau is inevitable, says Valdai Club expert Vladimir Petrovsky. However, according to him, it will not be easy: in search for a
Russia-China: On the Path to Strategic Planning
In the last few years, Russia and China have created a ramified network of cooperation, including at the government level, and Li Keqiang’s visit, which was the 21st meeting of the heads of the
Can the TPP Still Succeed? Not for Another Two Years, at Least
The situation with the ratification of the agreement on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TTP) seems far from positive for a number reasons. The US administration made it clear that one of the
Chinese Naval Base in Africa: Sabre Rattling or Protection of the Economic…
China has important economic interests in Africa, and now there is a need to defend those interests.
The ASEAN Spirit: Solving South China Sea Dispute With Sensibility and Restraint
While the Philippines and Vietnam lobbied for the inclusion of the Hague-based Permanent Court of Arbitration's judgment on the South China Sea dispute in the ASEAN communiqué, Cambodia acted
US Arms Embargo Lift: Benefits for Vietnam, Warning for Russia and China
After the US embargo lift Vietnam is able to acquire necessary American weapons systems.
Vietnam’s Old New Course: Between China and the United States
Vietnam wants to establish closer economic relations with the United States. However, its economic dependence on China is too strong.
Reforming PRC Armed Forces
A reform of the PRC’s Armed Forces reemerged in discussions after President Xi Jinping announced a 300,000 cut in the strength of the People’s Liberation Army of China (PLA).
The Trans-Pacific Partnership and World Trade Rules
The US has regarded the TPP as the most promising project to create a multilateral free-trade area in the Asia Pacific (ATR) since 2010, becoming the main driving force behind the negotiating
What Is the Secret of "Singapore Miracle"
Many people across the world have been asking this question for over 50 years. And it goes hand in hand with another quite topical one: can the "Singapore Miracle" be repeated, and how?
Should Russia Interfere in the South China Sea Islands Dispute?
Both China and the US feel the need to introduce shared “rules of conduct” to minimize the risk of the hazardous military activities in the South China Sea. Russia does not interfere in third-party


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