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Former Turkish foreign minister


Astana Talks: Opportunities and Constraints
The Astana meeting was aiming at securing a ceasefire that would allow the political reform process to start in Syria. The fact that the Syrian regime and the representatives of the armed opposition

Yaşar Yakış
Eurasian Union and Turkey
Turkish perception of the Eurasian Union has two parts. One is pan-Turkism; the other is the Cooperation Council of Turkic Speaking States. Since Kazakhstan is a member of both the EAEU and the Turkic

Yaşar Yakış
Murder of the Russian Ambassador: More Questions to Turkish Security Forces
For the first time a Russian diplomat is killed on Turkish soil. It is a new and tragic event in our shared history. For the first time a high-ranking Russian diplomat murder happened in Ankara and,
Operation "Euphrates Shield": Why Did Turkish Tanks Enter Syria?
The operation of the Turkish troops looks as a result of chains of agreements, which included all players in the region.
Edogan's Letter to Putin: Isolation is Harmful
On June 27, 2016, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has sent to Russian leader Vladimir Putin a letter, where he has finally offered his apologies for the death of the pilot of the downed Russian

Yaşar Yakış
Turkey Has to Get Used to New Reality on Its Southern Border
On Thursday, Turkish military sources said the country’s armed forces would shell Kurdish militia in Syria should they cross the Azaz-Jarabulus line, which Ankara has described as the red line for its

Yaşar Yakış