Alexei Miller

Russian Federation

Professor, European University at St. Petersburg 

Recurrent visiting professor, Central European University, Budapest. Main research interests: history of empires and nationalism, memory politics, history of ideas. He gave lectures in many universities: Harvard, Columbia, Berkeley, Stanford, Maryland, West Point, Penn, Munich, Berlin (Humboldt and Free), Cologne, Paris (EHESS), Aix-en-Provence, London (SSEES), Manchester, Edinburgh, Geneva, Basel, Warsaw, Cracow Universities, and many universities in Russia and the post-Soviet countries, including Vilnius, Tartu, Kiev, Lviv, Almaty, Bishkek. Over 200 publications. Author of 8 monographs and editor of 20 collective volumes. Recent books: Nationalizing Empires (2015); Nation or the Might of the Myth (2016).


Valdai Paper #81: The Russian Revolution of 1917: History, Memory, and Politics
In 100 years since the Revolution of 1917, it continues to have impact on the Russian society. Divergent assessments of the Revolution and different approaches to its commemoration have been

Alexei Miller
Possible Consequences of the Russian Language Law for Immigrants
It is obvious that life in large cities, including Moscow, is becoming increasingly uncomfortable for the local population, because the number of immigrants is growing, and young people who have

Alexei Miller
EU Eastern Partnership Summit Shows Lack of Progress
The second summit of the European Union’s Eastern Partnership program got off on the wrong foot. First of all, it had to be postponed. The summit’s main declaration omitted any mention of the Eastern

Alexei Miller
The Undying Echo of the Past
The break-up of the Soviet Union took place amidst ranting about the slide of the last empire into history. It would seem perfectly clear some twenty years ago that the empire, as an outdated and

Alexei Miller


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