Fyodor Lukyanov

Russian Federation

Academic director of the Valdai Discussion Club, Chairman, Council on Foreign and Defense Policy, Editor-in-Chief, Russia in Global Affairs journal.

Previous positions: editor, then senior editor, Department for Broadcasting to Northern Europe, International Radio Moscow (Voice of Russia, 1990–1993); correspondent, international desk, Segodnya newspaper (1994–1997); editor, international desk, Vremya MN newspaper (1997–2000); editor, international desk and deputy Editor-in-Chief of Vremya Novostei newspaper (2000–2002).


Key International Security Issues As Seen by Valdai Club Experts
The VI Conference on International Security (MCIS-2017) opens in Moscow on April 26, 2017. In interviews with www.valdaiclub.com Valdai Club experts shared their views on a number of issues
Fyodor Lukyanov: Vitaly Churkin Was the Brightest Symbol of New Russia's…
Vitaly Churkin was the symbol of the highest professionalism. From the backroom negotiations to open verbal battles in the UN Security Council, he used the entire arsenal of tools to protect the

Fyodor Lukyanov
Expulsion of Russian diplomats Is an Act of Cold War
The expulsion of the Russian diplomats is an obvious act of the Cold War. When Obama already feels neither here nor there, he shows his true attitude towards Russia and Vladimir Putin.

Fyodor Lukyanov
Russia’s New Foreign Policy Concept: We Need Friends, Not Enemies
“Unlike some of our colleagues abroad, who consider Russia an adversary, we do not seek and never have sought enemies. We need friends. But we will not allow our interests to be infringed upon or
Contours of the Future: As Long as We Can See the Light
The phenomenon of so-called populists, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders in the US, Euro-skeptics, the left-wing and right-wing radicals in Europe, indicates that the citizens no longer understand where

Fyodor Lukyanov
End of G8 Era: Russia Does Not Need Western Hierarchy
Trying to use the re-establishment of G8 as an instrument of pressure on Russia is meaningless. What role Russia will play there? No one understands.

Fyodor Lukyanov
Georgy Mirsky Has Passed Away
Georgy Mirsky has passed away - an outstanding orientalist, expert of great knowledge and experience, who always combined high academic professionalism and adherence to principles, a strong civic
The Goal Is to Streamline Chaos and Rationalize Diversity
The new emerging world rejects unification, generally accepted views and universal values. Competition has spread to the level of values, but it’s not a competition for the best set of values, but

Fyodor Lukyanov
2016 Trends
Valdai Discussion Club studies in 2016

Fyodor Lukyanov
Nobel as a Barometer
It’s easy to criticize the Nobel Peace Prize, for incontestable decisions are few and far between in its history. This prize is a political barometer and an indicator of the state of affairs in the

Fyodor Lukyanov
What Does Asia Want?
Valdai Club experts will discuss in Indonesia what Russia could undertake in Asia.

Fyodor Lukyanov
Paris Events Will Further Tighten the Middle East Knot
The attacks will almost inevitably lead to an escalation of war in Iraq and Syria, as well as to changes in the balance of forces in the Middle East as a whole.

Fyodor Lukyanov


Fyodor Lukyanov: Brewing a new wave of confrontation with Iran
Valdai Club has long been organizing conferences on the Middle East. This topic has always been at the center of attention. This year's Middle East conference is one of the most interesting.