Hüseyin Bağcı


Professor and Chair, Department of International Relations, Middle East Technical University in Ankara (since 1992); Deputy Director, Foreign Policy Institute, Ankara; Guest Professor, Humboldt University in Berlin.

TV and radio commentator and syndicated columnist, The New Anatolian newspaper (Ankara); Member, IISS (London) and Center for European Policy Studies (Brussels).

Previous positions: Associate Member and Researcher, Foreign Policy Institute, Ankara (1988); Assistant Professor, Department of International Relations, Middle East Technical University (1988); Deputy Director for Strategic Studies, Foreign Policy Institute, Ankara (1989); Reserve officer, Turkish National Defense Ministry’s General Plans and Principles Department (1990–1991); Visiting Professor, Bonn University and La Sapienza University in Rome (2007); Visiting Professor, Lublin University (2008); Guest Researcher, German Society for Foreign Affairs (DGAP), Bonn; Senior Fellow, Center for European Integration Studies (ZEI), Bonn.

Authored numerous articles and several books on Turkish foreign policy and Turkish-German relations.


Turkey’s Choice: Russian Meat and Russian Yandex
In the Cold War years, the US and Europe were Turkey’s “global navigation” for integration with NATO and European institutions. This time, it is the Russian Yandex, which will probably be the new

Hüseyin Bağcı
Turkey-Russia Relations: Backgammon vs Chess
What Putin knows is that Turkey is “forced to go to the hands of Russia” as never ever before since World War II. It is up to President Putin to encounter this proposal. Turkey made a move like in

Hüseyin Bağcı
Sochi Summit: Common Will of Three Guarantors Brings Expected Success
The summit in Sochi on the future of Syria brought new hope for stability and peace. Russian president Vladimir Putin was the ‘’locomotive’’ of the summit where Turkey and Iran were the ‘’first class

Hüseyin Bağcı
The Kurdish Offensive on Raqqa and Interests of Global Stakeholders
The Kurdish formations are the most efficient forces opposing ISIS in Syria, but the operation to capture Raqqa can become stalled, because the excessive strengthening of Kurds is unprofitable for a
Turkey Enters a New Age of Political Life
Turkey’s strategic goal remains to become a member of the EU but it will be difficult under president Erdogan. The Turkish-Russian relations will become closer and better, while with the EU the

Hüseyin Bağcı
Murder of the Russian Ambassador: More Questions to Turkish Security Forces
For the first time a Russian diplomat is killed on Turkish soil. It is a new and tragic event in our shared history. For the first time a high-ranking Russian diplomat murder happened in Ankara and,
A New Page in Russian-Turkish Relations?
The talks between Erdogan and Putin herald a new era in Russian-Turkish relations, as Turks now see Russia as a true friend and admire Russia’s motion to support the Turkish President in the midst of

Hüseyin Bağcı
Gulen and Erdogan: After the Failed Coup, a Fight for Power
The ongoing conflict between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and preacher Fethullah Gulen is more about power than ideology, according to Huseyin Bagci, Professor at the Department of

Hüseyin Bağcı
Erdogan's "Great U-Turn’’
Erdogan proved that he is a great tactician, even more interest-oriented than Kissinger or even Machiavelli. Erdogan used the same real-politik as Kissinger.

Hüseyin Bağcı
Can Turkey Become an Honest Mediator in the Middle East, Again?
Turkey has lost its opportunity to become the force for conflict resolution in the region.
Nagorno-Karabakh Crisis: No Compromise Yet
Would Azerbaijan and Armenia start a war soon or would it be just a border clash? Maybe this conflict would create a new environment where Russia and Turkey could talk to each other.

Hüseyin Bağcı
Valdai Paper #37: Strategic Depth in Syria - From the Beginning to Russian…
Valdai paper written by Professor Hüseyin Bağci is devoted to the strategy of Turkey in the Syrian conflict.

Hüseyin Bağcı