Valdai Paper #34: The Background and Prospects of the Evolution of China’s Foreign Strategies in the New Century

The author of this article, Feng Shaolei, Dean, School of Advanced International and Area Studies (SAIAS); Director, Center for Russian Studies, East China Normal University, focuses on the evolution and main trends of modern foreign policy strategy of the People's Republic of China. The author compares the elements of continuity and transformation in Chinese foreign policy since the end of the Cultural Revolution.

Particular attention is paid to the interdependence of external and internal policies of China. The Chinese example is the exponential model for efficient use of foreign policy for the purpose of internal development of the country. The author emphasizes its main features.

Special attention is paid to the role of China in global politics. Based on the analysis of the strategic guidelines of the previous and current leaders of China author makes a valid conclusion that China is not aimed at dismantling the existing international system, and it serves both as a constructive participant, and a reformer.

The author’s assessment of the China's relation to the Trans-Pacific Partnership project can be of a special interest. In this context, the author examines China’s own projects of international economic and political cooperation, as well as China's relations with other major powers.

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