The Russian-Iranian Dialogue as Good Event for Further Development of Bilateral Relations


The Russian-Iranian dialogue is a good opportunity to establish a new atmosphere and exchange views between academicians and university experts, politicians and intellectuals. I can say, that this is a very good event for further development of relations between Iran and Russia.

The relations between Russia and Iran, if you look at the history, go back for more than 1 thousand years. Both nations know each other very well. There were different kind of relations throughout the history: peace, cold war etc. But if we take the most recent bilateral relations, we see less and less frictions between the two nations, between state officials, intellectuals, civil societies and so on.

As to Russia-Iran-Turkey triangle cooperation, there are only preliminary steps, because these three states followed different thinking in the Middle East. But they are interested in peace and try to arrange a peace and security process. And here their thinking is on the good direction.

But how to establish peace and guarantee the security? I think that these three countries with so different views will need further negotiations, exchanging views in the name of territorial integrity of all countries without interference from the outside.

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