Iranian Expert on Main Challenges before Iran and Russia


One of main challenges facing Iran and Russia is the constant US pressure on both sides. In the Iranian society there is a big concern about the future of JCPOA, said Davud Kiani, Deputy Head of the Institute for Iranian and Eurasian Studies (IRAS), on the sidelines of the Russian-Iranian dialogue.

Many question what will happen if Trump will drop away the nuclear deal. In this situation Iran will have two options: following it or exit from it. Both options will have a catastrophic effect for Iran. If Iran tries to keep the JCPOA afloat, the opposition would consider it as a ruined international credibility of Iran. It would be considered as confirmation of Iran flexibility toward the United States.

If Iran abandons the JCPOA, it will be confronted with a new political pressure from the international society and new round of sanctions against Iran.

As to the American actions against Russia, Iran is afraid that this can bring Russia to a position to make a deal with the USA, including such issues as Syria, the Middle East and Iran.

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