Russia Is Not Afraid of New Challenges

Russia is not afraid of new challenges, which means that it has a chance for a better result when solving the many problems of modernity than other states, Andrey Fursenko, an assistant to the Russian President told in an interview at the Gaidar Forum, prior the club's panel discussion, titled "The State in the Middle of the 21st Century : What are the Strengths?"

Why is the idea of a comprehensive assessment of a state's readiness for the future important? How much demand is there for such an assessment when it comes to developing state policy?

Today, a comprehensive assessment is extremely important. A separate issue is how attainable it is.

The greater the complexity of the assessment, the greater the chance that the policy based on it will be carried out successfully. Today, all areas of life are extremely interconnected. At the same time, the landscape and balance of forces change quickly. Considering the rate of these changes, in the environment and technology, only comprehensive approaches allow for a meaningful analysis of the situation.

That's why, when you talk about complexity, I understand that you look at the subject (the development of the state, economic development and so on) as a single whole. That is exactly what allows us to correctly evaluate and predict the vector of our movement.

What challenges do states, Russia for example, encounter as a result of changes in the field of science and technology, and how ready is Russia for them?

The entire world faces these issues, and Russia is no exception. However, thanks to not only science and the education system, but also traditions and the psychological foundation that has developed, our readiness to solve serious issues is much higher than that of other countries.

We are not afraid of new challenges. This by itself means that we have a chance for a better result when it comes to encountering modern threats than other states.

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