How to Avoid Wars in Cyberspace?

In order to minimize the threats of war in cyberspace and to ensure stability and  cybersecurity, Russia and China should join forces, says Shi Ze, Director of the Center for Security and Development of Eurasia, China Institute for International Studies.

The field of cybersecurity is an important area for Russia and China to cooperate. “Our countries have some common interests there: first of all, it is necessary to ensure the stability [of the development of this industry]. And both sides must work together to achieve it”, the expert pointed out in his interview for on the sidelines of the Valdai Club’s Russian-Chinese conference underway in Shanghai. 

To do that, according to Shi Ze, the countries need, first, to improve their system of internal security.

Second, it is important to share views, because both Russia and China have their own developments and advantages in the area. “We need to meet, share experiences and learn from each other. This is very important for both countries”, the expert believes.

Third, it is necessary to track new trends and master new technologies. Here, Russia and China also have their own achievements. 

According to Shi Ze, all of the above will work better and go further, if we create a kind of common system of cooperation in the field of cybersecurity.

The 5th Russian-Chinese conference of the Valdai Discussion Club, titled “Russia and China: Contemporary development challenges” is being held in Shanghai and is attended by more than 50 officials and leading experts from Russia and China. You can download the Programme here.

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