Fighting ISIS: Facts and Lies

The whole world knows that for more than one year actions of the US-led coalition did not have any significant impact on ISIS.

Let's start with two banal truths. Facts are stubborn things. Profession of a journalist suggests that he is a man of honor and informs readers about the truth of the fact. Otherwise, he is a liar.

On July 5, 2016, the New York Times, respected American newspaper, which is considered responsible for facts’ accuracy, published an editorial, which is called "Fighting ISIS as It Shifts Tactics."

It concluded that the bloody extremists (from ISIS) are losing ground in Syria and Iraq, and in such environment they pass to the tactics of terrorist attacks throughout the world.

The article has a number of sensible and logical statements, for example, that the Americans should cooperate more closely with Iran, which immediately "condemned" attacks against his rival Sunni Saudi Arabia and called for joint efforts to combat terrorism. Referring to the US ruling circles, the authors of this article encourage them to seek a comprehensive response to the current challenges. At the same time the authors, with certain regret, quote the CIA director John Brennan, who said that “we still have a ways to go before we’re able to say that we have made some significant progress against them.”

The authors of the editorial, making the previously mentioned conclusion, significantly claim that "an American-led coalition has recaptured 20 percent of the ISIS-held land in Syria and 47 percent in Iraq, including Falluja, which was taken back by Iraq’s beleaguered government last month." This is a kind of simple and, as if by accident, manipulation with facts.

The whole world knows that for more than one year actions of the US-led coalition did not have any significant impact on ISIS.

During that period ISIS only expanded its control over territories in Iraq and Syria, and only actions of the Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria, which began on September 30, 2015 at the request of the legitimate Syrian government, inflicted significant damage to Islamist radicals, throwing them back. They were forced to withdraw from part of the captured Syrian lands, which dramatically changed the situation on the frontline.

Successful operation of the Russian Aerospace Forces had positive impact also on the morale of the army and the people of Iraq, and pushed the Iraqi authorities to intensify the fight against ISIS. It is extremely important to expose aims and methods of leaders of the of so-called Islamic Caliphate, because they are using the Islam religion as a powerful tool to influence humans, to manipulate the consciousness of the masses, trying to plunge peoples of the region into a monstrous meat grinder, to subordinate them to their inhuman plans, mercilessly and indiscriminately killing anyone who gets in their way - co-religionists, Orthodox Christians, Catholics, Yazids and others.

I admit that I did not expect (at the present time) to read in the New York Times an article with reliable information about assistance and support, provided by Russia to the Arabs and to all Muslims in their fight against Islamic terrorists, how Russia exposes the "renegades," which under the guise of the holy Qur'an suras cause grief and suffering to many true believers, discredit this noble religion of 1.6 billion followers all over the world. Alas! But how can such respected and well-known newspaper descend to a direct manipulation and distortion of the facts instead of an objective presentation of the situation. After all, facts are stubborn things.
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