Valdai Club Meets With Foreign Minister of Venezuela. Speakers
Valdai Club Conference Hall, Tsvetnoy boulevard 16/1, Moscow, Russia

On November 9, at 12:00 noon Moscow time (GMT+3), a meeting with Venezuelan Foreign Minister Felix Plasencia will take place at the Valdai Club on the topic, titled “Venezuela: Geopolitics of Unilateral Sanctions and Violations of International Law”.

Sanctions pressure on Venezuela has been going on for over 15 years. The humanitarian situation in the country is constantly deteriorating. The UN has repeatedly drawn attention to the inconsistency of unilateral sanctions with the norms of international law. Sanctions not only contribute to the deterioration of a nation’s economy, but also violate fundamental human rights.

The change of power in the United States did not lead to a weakening of restrictions against Caracas. Representatives of the United States, Canada and the EU announced a possible revision of the sanctions policy; however, so far the situation has not changed.

  • Felix Plasencia, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela.